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The most cool is girl!

hottest coolest girls 3

Now what is the most cool stuff? Hi, budy, I just saw the coolest girls!      

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2010 Uruguay Carnival

2010 Uruguay Carnival 5

February 6, a grand carnival in the capital and largest city of Uruguay, Montevideo, it’s a cosmopolitan city and one of the busiest ports in South America. The "call" parade, as the highlight of 2010 Uruguay carnival, it attracted thousands of spectators. The celebrations marked by wild costumes, music and sexy dancing in the streets. […]

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New version of “Beauty and the Beast”

Beauty and Beast 9

The film "Beauty and the Beast" was released in 1991, it is the only animated film ever nominated for the Best Picture Academy Award. The Beast marries Belle,and they live happily ever after. There are some photos of new version "Beauty and the Beast". Of course, they have none in common, but they are well […]

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The world’s top SUV

The worlds top SUV 3

The SUV(sport utility vehicle) is produced by Russian Dartz, known as the world’s most expensive, most luxurious, most powerful SUV, not so much that it is an SUV, it would be better is an armored vehicle. Of course, prices are highest in the world – 100 million pounds.    Now buy one get three: buy […]

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Guinness record – world’s largest boob

Guinness record the worlds largest boob 2

There’re many girls are vexed about their small breast, but the large boob is inconvenient for someone. Brazilian 29-year-old Hershey set a new world record, her breasts reached 38KKK, setting up a new world record, reaching the world’s largest boob. Hershey was born in Brazil, currently residing in the United States, she is a singer […]

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Crazy eggs – egg graffiti art

Crazy eggs graffiti art 23

Often a little bit of imagination, it will let people create amazing creativity. Even only the most common things in daily life, yes, just the eggs, there’re some interesting eggs painted photographs. It originates in creators who love and understand life. Using a pen and a camera, lovely eggs that have been painted. It was […]

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Craziest Tattoo – Eyeball Tattooing

Craziest Tattoo - Eyeball Tattooing3

It’s horrible and crazy! Do not imitate him!   According to a report, tattoo expert inserted indelible ink into Pauly’s Eyeball. This special ink mixed with antibiotic eye drops to prevent eye infection. Pauly Unstoppable said, "…I have to stress that people should not attempt this dangerous operation …."  

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Cirque du Soleil celebrates its 25th anniversary

Cirque du Soleil celebrates its 25th anniversary 11

Performers of Canada’s world famous Cirque du Soleil show jujitsu in Los Angeles to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Found in 1984 by a group of street artists in Canada, Cirque du Soleil has about 3800 staff from more than 40 countries by now and has performed in nearly 100 cities, attracting tens of millions of […]

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