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Standing on a high platform more than 35 hours to set a new world record

cool awesome crazy amazing people man magician breaking Guinness world records standing (12)

Starting on local time May 18, an Israeli magician tried to stand on a high platform more than 35 hours to set a new world endurance record. According to reports, the Israeli magician Hezi Dean at Tel Aviv square tried to challenge the world record holder – U.S. magician David Blaine. A.M., May 18, a […]

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Amazing man surrounded by 100,000 bees

cool super power great awesome amazing man beekeeping surrounded millions bees sting (2)

May 17, 2011, 77-year-old American Dr. Norman Gary accumulated much experience of beekeeping in the past decades, surrounded by 100,000 bees still keeps free of being stung. In addition, Norman Gary is able to command millions of bees together turn 90 degrees; so far no one can parallel him in this respect.  

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Furious passengers burned trains for the trains were running behind

Argentina Buenos Aires Haedo arson passengers burned trains riots chaos

May 2, the province of Buenos Aires in Argentina, in Mariano J. Haedo, discontented passengers burned trains as the trains were seriously overdue. The riots then spread to other cities and caused more trains were burned. Police had arrested three suspected arson suspects.  

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Amazing man who can pass through a tennis racket

amazing shocking crazy cool unbelievable people man most flexible soft ability (3)

He looks as if he has no bones. I think it must be his inherent ability, even making a desperate effort, an ordinary people can not be like him.  

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The most amazing dangerous roads in the world

worlds most dangerous amazing cool crazy shocking zigzag death mountain highway roads (17)

Driving on these roads can’t make any mistakes; a small mistake may lead to serious result, no kidding! Stelvio Pass Road Trollstigen, Italy This zigzag mountains road is 1.7 km above sea level, a total of 48 dangerous curves.    Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China Geologists call it "the world’s most dangerous road." It’s 2,412km long and […]

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Greece’s nation-wide strike

crazy massive Greece nation-wide strike workers Athens riot protesters demonstrater (11)

February 23, Athens, Greece, a police officer’s clothes caught fire.   For protesting the government’s tighten fiscal policy, the Greek workers staged a massive strike which lasted 24 hours, they destroyed the bus station, lit the trash, and there’re people throwing stones, plastic bottles or crude petrol bombs at police, while the police dispersed the […]

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Amazing photographer – ‘Shark Shepherd’

crazy cool awesome surprising amazing man photographer shark shepherd close up photographs

52 years old photographer, Jim Abernethy, from Florida, has spent 35 years living with these fearsome predators in their natural habitats and released a book of shark photographs – Sharks Up Close Each year Jim Abernethy spends on average 320 days with sharks and took close-up photos of these underwater beasts in the Bahamas, South […]

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Cool grannies playing with guns

funny interesting weird crazy hilarious amusing cute granny old women grandma guns (17)

Take good care of grannies and beware that you never anger them, you cannot afford to offend her! These grand old women are really interesting.  :)   Next Pages

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The most creative fashion of Lady Gaga

funny weird crazy cool bizarre interesting top most creative fashion style Lady Gaga photos (28)

She is always the pioneer of the times. If there is no Lady Gaga, we can not imagine such a life in this world; with Lady Gaga, we live in fascination. Here photos are the most creative fashion of Lady Gaga. Did she ever let us fall?!   :) Next Pages

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Extreme sports – ice climbing

cool awesome adventure exciting crazy extreme sports Ice climbing (1)

Ice climbing is evolved from the rock climbing and is one of the required courses in mountain (Snow Mountain) climbing. This is a challenging extreme sports in seeking adventures, hardships and their challenge to nature and to themselves. In ensuring the safety the braves can have a try. Next Pages

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Old photos of weird artilleries in history

weird amazing cool odd strange funny old unusual artillery mortar gun 3

Artillery in the war played an important role since it was invented, this heavy weapon can cause heavy loss to enemy. Below are the old photos of weird artilleries in history. United States 914 mm Mortar   British Blacker Bombard mortar Russian 58 mm trench mortars. Finland 160 mm mortar German 250 mm heavy mortars […]

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