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The world’s best overlooking toilets

funny cool worlds best overlooking Observation toilets scenery travel tour

According to the World Toilet Organization that everyone spends 3 years for toilet in his life. When everybody is struggling in a confined space with foul air, have you ever think about a question that you can face the charming scenery instead of the wall. Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, in fact, this toilet is […]

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Amazing heavy snowfall

amazing shocking crazy cool unusual rare seldom heavy snowfall russia (1)

It’s really shocking snowfall, everywhere was covered over with heavy snow. It seems that the snow is at least ten meters in depth. Heavy snowfall in Russia       Next Pages

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Super brave climbers

dangerous amazing crazy cool brave climber tent sleep rest cliff (8)

Have a look at these super brave (or crazy?) climbers, their tents to be hung on the cliffs, they sleep and rest at such place! Would you dare to stake your life on it? Next Pages

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Shocking crocodile courses

amazing freaking scary shocking crazy crocodile alligator dishes courses

I believe you know the bags, shoes, and so on which are made from alligator skin, but did you ever eat crocodile dishes? The processing looks a bit scary… Dare you have a try at this cuisine? Next Pages

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Weird & Odd Tokyo Designboom Mart 2010

Weird bizarre strange crazy Odd Tokyo Designboom Mart 2010

The art mart is an annual convention held in Tokyo, 5,500 various kinds artists around the world gathered together to show their own ‘masterpiece’ and ‘high-spirited’ performances. From 1994, this two-day mart is held twice a year (May and November) in Tokyo, Japan, with the purpose of providing a chance for designers around the world. […]

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Horrible university student’s dormitory

crazy sucks terrible horrible university students dormitory refuse Garbage Dump junkyard

It is said this’s a university student’s dormitory, that’s beyond my belief, can you believe?! I even more like to believe that’s a Garbage Dump!

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Japanese suicide airplanes in the World War II

old photo crazy Japanese suicide airplanes in the World War II

The later part of the World War II, Japanese pilots trained to pilot an airplane loaded with explosives to make a suicide crash attack, especially upon a ship.  

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Unexpected humorous creativity

amazing funny cool weird wierd awesome interesting unexpected humorous creativity pictures

Every picture has unexpected humorous creativity, they have their own interesting story, perhaps every visitor may have unique personal viewpoint, I believe you also have distinct understanding of it from all others!    

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A unicorn milk cow

Unicorns like milk cow grow horn

Unicorns are legendary beasts and nonexistent, but at a village of Baoding City of Hebei Province, China, there is a cow grew a 20 cm long horn on top of its head, and it soon become a local star. Local villagers believe that this is a good omen. Another cow like a unicorn.

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Guinness World Records – World’s hottest pepper

Guinness World Records Worlds hottest ghost pepper india (1)

Northeastern mountain area of India is rich in a pepper, a very hot pepper, SHU (Scoville Scale or Scoville Heat Unit) is over 1 million, and the natives name it "Ghost Pepper". The pepper is recognized this year by Guinness World Records as the world’s hottest pepper. "Ghost Pepper" makes a hit overnight and it […]

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Super cool baby strollers

super cool amazing baby stroller design (2)

Baby stroller is very important, because it relates to your child. What kind of design can be comfortable and reliable, below amazing ideas that are conformable to your wishes.     

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