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Aircraft was besieged by birds

U.S. Navy aircraft E-6B besieged by birds (2)

A U.S. Navy aircraft was suddenly besieged by birds near the runway; it was amazing that the E-6B aircraft was not affected by the birds. As a general rule, “bird strikes” are very dangerous and it’s a serious problem to jets all over the world  

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Super amazing girls & women

Super weird odd strange funny amazing girls (2)

The most difficult to distinguish between true and false, it’s obvious that some of the pictures were edited by image processing software.      

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Top 10 Crazy Extreme Sports

Top cool Crazy exciting Extreme Sports Volcano Boarding

Warning: These extreme sports are dangerous and even illegal, never try it carelessly Volcano Boarding Skateboarders slide down from the steep accumulation of hot volcanic ash, it’s very dangerous to slide down from the 2,380 ft volcano at a high speed of 50 mph, only a skateboard, no other protection, so the Volcano Boarding by […]

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The most fashionable this fall

The most fashion this fall leaf glue

The color of autumn is very rich and very beautiful, so why not try to wear them on? These humorous T-shirts will constantly remind you that humans are part of nature; they certainly make your friends smile. What you need is glue and leaves.

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A plague of locusts

A plague of locusts locust swarm (1)

A plague of accidents. Locust is a kind of destructive insect. They came down and eat everything. The locust swarm destroys all the crops and vegetables. The landscape swarmed with locusts. Locusts swarmed over the field.   

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World’s biggest mouth – Guinness World Records

worlds biggest mouth Guinness World Records

Italian man Francesco Domingo Joaquim won the title of "world’s biggest mouth" with its big up to 6.69 inches (about 17 cm) of the mouth, and set a new Guinness World Record. He can be stuffed into a full can of Coke in his mouth, it is amazing. Let’s watch as this man earns a […]

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An exploration of deep inside an active volcano

Australia crazy cool dangerous exploration deep inside active volcano (4)

October 20, 2010, Australia, explorer Drew Bristol and his team staged a breathtaking scene; they challenge the limits and descend into an active volcano inside. At that time, the hot lava lake is only a mere 100 meters away from him. If inattentive slip or the dreaded red magma suddenly erupts, Bristol will be instant […]

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Terror but delicious Halloween feast

Terror  delicious weird odd strange cool crazy bizarre offbeat creative  Halloween feast (5)

Hallowmas is a Christian feast day honoring all the saints; first observed in 835. People celebrate Halloween in many ways. A grotesque or comical representation of a face, worn especially to frighten or amuse, as at Halloween. The jack-o-lantern is the symbol of Halloween. There are some days until Halloween, but it does not affect […]

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Bangladesh’s train fire by angry crowd

Bangladesh train fire by angry crowd

October 11, 2010, Sirajganj County, in northwestern Bangladesh, a train accident occurred, at least three people were killed and 40 wounded. At that time, Bangladesh’s largest opposition party Bangladesh Nationalist Party was holding rally near the railway where the accident occurred, three assemblies were killed on the spot, all the injured were taken to a […]

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A food firm fined after a dead mouse found in bread

bread food production company Premier Foods nauseating dead mouse

A food production company was ordered to pay nearly £17,000 after a poor man found a dead mouse in a loaf of bread as he made sandwiches for his children. Stephen Forse, of Kidlington, Oxfordshire, he purchased the loaf online, through a Tesco branch in Bicester in January 2009. He had already used some slices […]

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World Testicle Cooking Championship – Dare you eat?!

In Serbia, the 7th "World Testicle Cooking Championship", participating chefs show their cuisine talents by using cattle, swine, camels and kangaroos and other animals’ testicles, including testis pizza, testis stew, vanilla white sauce testis and so on. The cooking material is the animals’ testicle and it is known as "white kidneys" by local people, testicles […]

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