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Amazing architecture – ‘transparent’ church in Belgium

cool awesome impressive creative amazing architecture transparent church Belgium (5)

This is a church in Limburg, Belgium, completed by the Belgian designer Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh. As this 10 meters high church with a special architectural structure, whether people in the building or outside the building can be seen through walls, for whom it’s a fantastic feeling.  

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Bizarre and funny soap

funny interesting weird bizarre odd strange surprising creative soap design (9)

At least some of which I don’t get the guts to use.

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Unique view of kissing

fun interesting different unique creative inspiration art photography beautiful kiss

Artist’s work is often the creation of beautiful or significant things abstracted from the ordinary and is expressed in a unique view. Photographer Andy Barter’s "Kiss" series of photographs is truely the expression of that. Kissing itself isn’t an uncommon theme, but can be expressed in this way by Barter from this angle is rare. […]

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Interesting hat show through time and space

funny interesting special fresh creative art hat design show exhibition Japan (1)

June 19, 2011, a special exhibition was held at an exhibition centre in Tokyo, Japan, the main characters of exhibition were 120 colorful hats hidden in 3000 white hats. These colorful hats are works of 86-year-old designer Akio Hirata. As the exhibition concentrated all the Akio Hirata’s design works in past 70 years, which was […]

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Dazzling aerial sculpture is animated by the wind

fantastic dazzling animated beautiful gorgeous stunning aerial sculpture in air

American female artist and sculptor, Janet Echelman, uses soft material that is durable to weather to install colorful aerial sculpture of netting structures floating in the air, it’s animated and moves in response to wind and, in the lighting, is dazzling like Aurora. Janet Echelman’s works have been exhibited in public spaces all over the […]

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Images of alien in human’s imagination

weird cool shocking odd bizarre amazing alien imagination future earth images pictures photos

The humanity’s imagination of alien can be divided into many different species: human type with robust muscular body-build, Zerg monsters, modern iron and steel type, etc. Since nobody has ever seen aliens, are these figures based on forecasting of our future world? Are these aliens the human beings in the future? Whether the combination of […]

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World Beard Championships

funny creative sexy interesting cute World Beard Championships champion styles

Local time on May 15, the biennial World Beard Championships held in Trondheim, Norway, 163 contestants from 15 countries around the world took part in competition and showed their multifarious beard styles. The photo below showed the 47-year-old Elmar Weisser from Germany who won the champion.  

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‘Beauties’ made of vegetables

creative fun cool awesome excellent vivid living lifelike vegetable beauty girl (7)

It’s really surprising that artist created beauty models by using common vegetables; either the color or the features are all vivid, I cannot but admire artist’s inspiration.    

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Creative design – amazing swimming pool

creative amazing cool awesome fun contemporary art design swimming pool artist (1)

People are ‘submerged’ in water and isolated from outside surrounding, it seems a little frightening, after all, this isn’t the way we’re familiar. However, Erlich, artist from Argentina, design this seemingly horrible swimming pool, the purpose is to attempt to arouse the awareness of Earth’s freshwater resources. Erlich is a famous contemporary artist; he likes […]

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Unusual feast at a height of 50 metres – Dinner in the sky

amazing unusual weird funny offbeat cool Dinner in the sky air

"Dinner in the sky" originated in Belgium, the platform is hung at a height of 50 metres by a 120-ton giant crane and customers can enjoy an unusual feast in the air. The dinner table is 9 meters long, 5 meters wide and weighs 6 tons, which fixed to the platform of metal frame. The […]

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Amazing optical illusion – Invisible man

Amazing cool mysterious weird awesome bizarre body art optical illusion invisible hidden person

With the help of his friend Julián, Artist Alejandro Maestre Gasteazi gradually covered him with the blue mixture of mud and paint, then Alejandro took photos of Julián at many different kinds of stages, which created an optical illusion that Julián became increasingly invisible or was emerging from nowhere like ghost. Of course, these images […]

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