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Gallery of Pumpkin Faces

creative odd weird original jack-o-lantern pumpkin faces lanterns for Halloween (6)

The Jack-O’-Lantern is the symbol of Halloween. If you wanna make a Halloween lantern, you firstly have to gouge out the inside of a pumpkin, before you create your original masterpiece, look at these creative pumpkin faces below, you can derive the inspiration from them and make your own special pumpkin lanterns for Halloween.   […]

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The best meaning creative advertising, you know Why?

funny commercials the best cool awesome great meaning creative advertising (18)

Advertising want to attract attention and be remembered by audience, the most important thing is creativity. The ads below are considered a model of creative advertising, but they are very profound meaning, not so easy to understand it, can you know Why? I love this advertisement of electric torch.      Thinking big, but not […]

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Bungee wedding

creative cool bungee wedding ceremony

Jeroen and Sandra Kippers, from Brussels, Belgium, were the world’s 1st couple to get married 50 meters above the ground. The bride, groom and celebrant are hoisted up on the enormous crane – accompanied by some 20 guests, strapped into chairs – with their legs dangling mid-air. A second platform – hosting an orchestra and […]

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Nokia N8 TV Commercial is quite impressive

Nokia N8 TV Commercial is quite impressive

You can watch the advertisement video of Nokia N8 above Nokia is going to push out a bunch of videos in the build up to Nokia World 2010. Nokia N8 release date has been confirmed and I believe that it is one of the top three nokia phones of the year 2010. A new Nokia […]

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Amazing and Incredible – The Art of Woodcarving

Amazing and Incredible - The Art of Woodcarving (8)

The age-old art of creating or decorating objects of wood by carving with a sharp, hand-held tool, such as graver, carving knife, carving machine, etc. These are carved out of wood, can you believe it?! That’s awesome and cool…          

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Strange and funny design of helmet

creative design strange funny motorcycle helmet (1)

The design a great and enjoyable work for people, innovation and creativity will always bring us an unexpected unique sensory experience. As this group of motorcycle helmet, strange and interesting design creates different visual experience.  

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Geek’s extreme funny license plate

Geeks extreme funny license plate

For a network geek, how to extremely express their own personality? Own favorite car is certainly the best choice, look at these license number plates of geeks’ vehicle, personally think that the best is Google license.

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Sweet gun

original cool funny pictures of ice cream freeze gun 3

No need to be shocking, they’re not in suicide, ‘guns’ in their hands are designed by two German artists Valentin Beinroth and Florian Jenett, the main raw material is water, just a ice cream pistol, of course, which added some color cream or something. Awesome and funny.  

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The coffin of African

extreme funny creative coffin of African (2)

Even death is so creative, death is not terrible, it can be humorous.  

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Paper is evil

Paper is evil taxes online in minutes

  This is an advertising of Canada’s tax website – QuickTax, paper folding evil makes all kinds of wicked and freaking funny things to interpret handy online taxes: Paper is evil. Do your taxes online in minutes!  

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Creative Print Ads of Gain

Creative detergent print ads of Gain Brand_advertisement_1

Creative detergent print ads of Gain Brand, look at what they are doing, it’s obvious that the meaning of the advertising.

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