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Surrealistic Robot Beauty

creative_pictures_surrealistic robot beauty digital artworks

High-tech, machinery and beauty – three elements combined into one, and now,  please enjoy surrealistic digital artworks from Benedict Campbell. (Click the thumbnails to view large size pictures)         

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Creative print advertising of Czech beer

Creative print advertising of Czech beer

Staropramen – The world-famous Czech beer brand

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Stunning exquisite art of body painting

Stunning beautiful exquisite art of female body painting  (7)

Not the same as painting with oil paints, the media of body painting (MEHNDI) art is dynamic and vital human body, it is mobile, three-dimensional works of art. Body painting brings a strong aesthetic philosophy.     

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Beautiful moment of underwater waves

Australia Sydney amazing beautiful photos underwater waves photography (1)

Tired of "normal" surfing photography, the photographer from Sydney, Australia, began underwater photography, Mark Dipple, he spent several months in the seabed to capture the moment of underwater waves roll.

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Dazzling & glamorous body painting

cool amazing Dazzling glamorous body painting art (2)

July 16 – July 18, 2010, Carinthia in southern Austria, Seeboden, models show body painting works. Dazzling glamorous body painting make this summer even hotter.   

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Creepy “hand”

creepy soap hand design 4

Hanging in the bathroom ceiling, it is estimated that is not a good idea,somebody will be scared in the night, do you know what’s this? A bar of soap!  

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Creative graphic design of ABC

Creative graphic design of ABC Digital 3

Creative graphic design of ABC Digital, although this type of concept has been cloned numerous times, but the effect is undeniably quite good.

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Sexy X-ray calendar

sexy nude models x-ray calendar (6)

A Japan-based manufacturer of display devices published an advertising calendar of medical scanning apparatus, this calendar entirely by X-ray high precision images of sexy nude models. Sexy female models show a variety of "sexy" poses under the X-ray. One can only see "sexy" Skeleton… Some people say that is creative advertising of a German advertising […]

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Creative print advertisement of Mercedes-Benz

Impressive print advertisement of Mercedes-Benz

Impressive print advertisement of Mercedes-Benz, the advertising slogan: The first brake that reads the street.  Potential significance: Mercedes-Benz brake system is very nice. The advertising agency is BBDO Düsseldorf of Germany. Chief Creative Officer is Toygar Bazarkaya,  Art Director is Sven Klasen, Copywriters is Markus Steinkemper, Toni Selzer, Creative Director is Ton Hollander. Its advanced […]

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Creative shocking house and edifice photos

creative shocking house edifice photos (1)

Amazing house and edifice photos, there’s a visual impact, sense of oppression also.      

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Awesome DIY cool car

awesome super cool_DIY car_

DIY reminds people of computers, very normal, it’s estimated the concept of the DIY original is of compatible computer. But of course DIY is far from limited to IT area, such as the following cool cars, can you DIY it?      

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