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Wearing glasses on your bottom

Wearing glasses on your bottom 4

As long as you wearing this brand of glasses, then your other parts will no longer be outstanding, even if you are a beauty! This is a group of very attractive advertising, creative but boring, is not it? However, the advertising accomplishes the purpose!

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Collection of very creative toilet paper

creative toilet paper obama

Regardless of beauty and ugliness,rich and poor, sex and age, country and nation, everyone must go to the toilet every day, everyone must use the toilet paper – almost. Without exception, that all are white paper towel at the mall, if the toilet paper become creative, Obama and Laden’s head can legitimately be used to […]

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Very creative fanciful advertising

Very creative fanciful advertising5

Very creative advertising, advertising design is very fanciful, focusing on creativity, at the same time easy to understand for commercial appeal and artistic pursuit, share with you The ultimate temptation Start up a mountain Reminders, see the hair! Spice it up   ultra zoom – Super wide-angle focal length, 360-degree Super Face Recognition Game boy […]

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Some International Condom Ads American Never Saw

Some International Condom Advertisements American Never Saw14

A creative advertising can play a significant role in product sales, especial for condoms, how to make a deep impression on consumers without vulgar is a challenge, There are some subtle and implicit condom ads from around the world.  

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Creative snowman – 24 pics

creative snowman
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