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World’s smallest watermelon

cute rare incredible funny weird bizarre strange outlandish smallest watermelon in the world

I believe you’ve seen many huge watermelons, but have you seen such small watermelons like these? Looks very cute. Is it transgenic (genetically modified) plants? I’m really curious how to eat it? Need to peel it?

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World Beard Championships

funny creative sexy interesting cute World Beard Championships champion styles

Local time on May 15, the biennial World Beard Championships held in Trondheim, Norway, 163 contestants from 15 countries around the world took part in competition and showed their multifarious beard styles. The photo below showed the 47-year-old Elmar Weisser from Germany who won the champion.  

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The most beautiful schoolgirl in Japan

most beautiful cute loveliest pretty nice adorable lovable japanese school girl beauty (4)

It’s said that she’s the loveliest Japanese girl throughout Japan, but she seems a girl of mixed blood…       

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Amazing Chinese girl like animate doll

pretty beautiful cute amazing chinese girl wang jia yun like animate blow-up sex doll ps (7)

Wang Jia Yun, born in 1993, height 164 cm, weight 42 kg. High school students, now living in Shenzhen, Guangdong. She represented herself to be born in Kowloon, Hong Kong, currently residing in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China.   However, it is said these pictures are edited by Photoshop.

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Cool grannies playing with guns

funny interesting weird crazy hilarious amusing cute granny old women grandma guns (17)

Take good care of grannies and beware that you never anger them, you cannot afford to offend her! These grand old women are really interesting.  :)   Next Pages

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The world’s top 10 most exotic mushrooms

worlds top 10 most weird strange amazing cool exotic mushrooms fungus (2)

Mushrooms are one of the most common foods, also the world’s widest range of species. Some mushrooms look very bright but can not eat because it’s highly toxic, and some mushrooms look very strange, but it is nutritious and delicious food. Let’s appreciate the world’s top 10 most exotic mushrooms chosen by biologists. 1. The […]

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Miniature carving artwork of baby

amazing beautiful cute Miniature engraving artwork of baby (1)

The creator of these cute miniature carving babies is Kemira Ellen, she learned this exquisite craft from her husband’s grandmother. The cute babies look so real that you are tempted to kiss them. :)

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Amazing marine organism

amazing beautiful marine organism poached egg like Mediterranean jellyfish

They seem delicious, like a poached egg. But this strange marine organism is more precious than people think. According to the British "Daily Mail" reported that the staff of Basel Zoo in Switzerland successfully bred a number of special jellyfish. According to staff, it’s very hard to breed this Mediterranean jellyfish. Eventually, they precisely imitate […]

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Highest (Longest) Savannah cat of Guinness world record

Highest Longest Savannah cat of Guinness world record 3

California, an 18 months old Savannah cat named Scarlett’s Magic is the highest tamed cat in the world. From shoulder to toe length is 17.1 inches (43.43 cm) when it standing up, this record has been in the Guinness Book of World Records. And it may become the world’s longest body of moggy (the length […]

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Cat must be cute

extreme funny cute pictures of cats (1)

As a cat, you must be cute… lol… extreme funny cute pictures of cats. Look, We love each other What a harmonious family No matter what you think, I was a penguin     Handsome, huh…    Let’s hurry a bit, Meal is almost ready. What a comfortable house. I’m especially interested in practicing yoga.

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Animals can also smile!?

cute lovely  pictures of smile laughing animals (1)

It’s said that the smile is unique to humans, but these pictures show that the animals can also smile, LOL… Of course, it’s only our own wishful thinking; we don’t know what they are thinking…  

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