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Extreme funny photos of wet cat

Extreme funny pictures of wet cat  (28)

Cats dread water, they have a natural aversion to water. As the proverb says: "cat would eat fish and would not wet her feet."    

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Top 13 ugliest animals around the world

worlds ugliest animals drop fish Psychrolutes marcidus

The scientific name of drop-fish is Psychrolutes marcidus, mainly living in deep water along the coast of Australia and Tasmania which are rarely found by humans.   The appearance of warthog is very much like a synthesis of toad, pig, and rhinoceros. Living on the African savannah, the warthog is not dangerous to humans, its […]

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Hello Kitty Of Lady Gaga

lady_gaga_in_hello_kitty-barbie (2)

Lady gaga for hello kitty 35th anniversary Lady Gaga is used to wearing outrageous and other-worldly outfits whether she’s performing on stage or walking the red carpet, but when she’s asked to pose in a 50-pound crystal dress for a Hello Kitty-inspired photo shoot she finds out there are bigger divas out there than she […]

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Beauty contest of Bulldog

cute pictures of Beauty contest of Bulldog (1)

Bulldog – Any of a breed of short-haired dog characterized by a large head, strong, square jaws with dewlaps, under hung jaw, undershot, and a stocky body. It was originally bred for bull baiting. Who will crown winner of a "Beautiful Bulldog" contest?

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“Delicious” chocolate design cellphone

Amazing pictures of creative chocolate design cellphone

STYLE Series, a branch company of Japanese mobile operator NTT Docomo, released a Chocolate design phone, not only color looks exactly like chocolate, the interface UI design also contains a lot of elements of chocolate, mobile phone chain, and other accessories are also extended unified style. (Right click, open link in new tab to  view […]

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Funny commercials of dog-themed pictures

creative and super funny dog-themed commercials

A group of creative and funny dog-themed commercials. Appreciate it please. (click the thumbnails to view the pictures in large size)  

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Exquisite and lovely Super Mario Bros (Family Computer) cake

Exquisite and lovely Super Mario Bros cake

As a person born after 1970, Super Mario Bros gave me a lot of great memories, up till now, that familiar melody has always been my ringtone. Super Mario Bros cake looked so lovely, are you going to eat it? (click the pics to view large size images)  

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They are children, really?!

funny cute lustful and lascivious children kids_7

The lustful and lascivious person was sneered at by people, but, how about these children ~ They are so happy.  :) This is an age of innocence and happiness.    

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Collection of funny cross-eye

funny cross-eyed pictures cat animal politician 1

Do not know how to cross your eyes? Follow below steps to cross your eyes. Focus both your eyes on the tip of your nose.Or hold out a finger or a pen at eye level at arm’s length. Focus on that object, trying to ignore everything behind it. Bring the object closer to your face. […]

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The Saddest Cat In the World

The Saddest Cat In the World 2

Photos of the saddest cat in the world, and the cat’s eyes are cross-eye. It was all up with that little cat because nobody took care of it, it needs a Hug. Cheer up, poor little mite! There’s lots to live for! Click the thumbnail to view large size pictures.  

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The only game of sticking with the model caddy

Spain Madrid Tennis Masters beautiful models caddy 4

Spain Madrid Tennis Masters, the most attractive probably not the sweating masters struggle in the game, the real attraction is still the beautiful models caddy sidelines. As the only tennis tournament of sticking with the beautiful model caddy, every year of Madrid Masters, many fans come to watch the battle together, last year, selection of […]

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