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Monkey police officer in Thailand

amazing funny pictures of monkey police officer In Thailand

In Thailand, Sabri district in Yala province, local police department creatively hires a unique new "police" – Tibetan monkeys. Monkey wearing a special police uniform, majestic yet funny cute. It has played a good role in improving relations and easing the traffic situation. The name of this only 5-year-old Tibetan monkey is Sangtisuke (Thai: the […]

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Ingenious & funny mug

ingenious funny mug mr p lick

Very creative designers all over the world bring ingenuity of mug. Mr.P Lick Mug 2/3 coffee + 2/3 milk = cortado, designed by Pilotto Ignacio. Dunk Mug Gun Mug – Killing Time   The toll of global warming – Melting Iceberg Cup – Outside layer of the cup there’s temperature sensitive paint, the "Melting Iceberg" […]

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Sleeping with your FOREVER LOVE

sleeping with your FOREVER LOVE

What is your favourite in bed?

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If human can do it, so can we

super funny stuff cute pictures of dogs repair cars 6

You will be stunning when you towed the car to the garage. Of course, dogs know how to fix cars, let these old hand at fixing cars help you repair the car.  

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The failure of predators – Funny pictures of animals

funny pictures of animals failure of predators 2

If they are loser as predator, but at least they are cute~      

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Sexy girls wearing Chinese-style dress hot pictures

Sexy girls wearing Chinese-style dress hot pictures 9

We are young and we are sexy~ Chinese-style dress, chi-pao(cheongsam), which is a close-fitting woman’s dress with high neck and slit skirt.  

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Funny pictures of animals – cute photos of gesture sign

Funny pictures of animals cute gesture sign 2

Look at these cute pictures of animals’ hand signal. Hi, I’m newcome… I swear by Almighty God to tell the truth. Thank you for coming to see me. Hey, budy! Yeah, I know the answer… OMG, quite itchy! Hey, photographer, I’m here… No way! It just will not do! Forbid to take picture! I Love […]

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder-funny sleeping babies

lovely cute Sleeping Beauty baby 1

Nebraska, U.S. Two sisters photographers captured some "Sleeping Beauty" creative baby photos. Oh, Wow! So lovely and cute baby funny pictures! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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Brazil sexy twins beauty

Brazil sexy twins beauty 1

We all love beauty, needless to say sexy twins beauty! Take a look at these stunningly attractive girls!

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Crazy eggs – egg graffiti art

Crazy eggs graffiti art 23

Often a little bit of imagination, it will let people create amazing creativity. Even only the most common things in daily life, yes, just the eggs, there’re some interesting eggs painted photographs. It originates in creators who love and understand life. Using a pen and a camera, lovely eggs that have been painted. It was […]

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The royal princesses and princes of various countries

royal princesses and prince5

Norwegian Princess Ingrid Alexandra, 4-year-old photo. Belgian royal family: Prince Gabriel , princess Elisabeth, Princess Eleonore, Prince Emmanuel . Norwegian Crown Prince’s son, Prince Sverre Magnus . Nepalese former Princess (right) and her three children Holland Princess, Catharina-Amalia, Ariane and Alexia. Danish Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary – Elizabeth – Donaldson’s son, Christian […]

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