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2009 cute animals show

cute animals show Orangutan and Puma

1. Orangutan and Puma 2. Gibbon 3. Madagascar Lemurs 4. Red Ruffed Lemur 5. The United States mini-horse 6. The world’s smallest horse 7. Miniature pony 8. Miniature ponies, and St. Bernard dogs 9. Mini-pigs and a giant rabbit 10. Big ears Fennec 11. Long-eared Jerboa 12. Pandas 13. Wallaby 14. Sea lion learn to […]

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Cute polar bear cubs learn to walk

cute lovely polar bear cubs2

Only eight weeks old polar bear cubs were first time to leave the cave in the spring sun. They were learning to walk. After the birth, it was their first encounter with the cold Arctic winds and the threat of predators, and their mother was on one side as protection.  

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Cat and dog can be friend, just look at them

Russian cat and Russian dog are true friends6

Russian cat and Russian dog are true friends Cute and lovely ~ ^_^

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Beautiful lady quotes

Beautiful lady quotes

Beautiful lady quotes written over their dresses (or bikini? even just a piece of cloth ^_^). Expecting more but not vulgar. I don’t know how effective these ads, do people watch the advertisement or beauty? But really it’s a impressive way.

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Animal love, cute and lovely – 31pics

Animal love cute and lovely2
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Sweet dreams: The cutest baby pictures you’ll ever see

The cutest baby pictures6

Photographs of babies are always cute, but this series of images by an American photographer take adorable to a new level. Tracy Raver, who describes her style as simple and casual, captures newborns while they are sleeping. Tracey Raver captures a newborn’s expression as it dozes in a spotted woolly hat Swaddled in soft woollens […]

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Cute exotic baby animals born at zoos around the world

cute exotic baby animals born at zoos around the world14

This ball of fluff is a Tawny frogmouth hatchling born at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. Here’s another tawny frogmouth chick – this one was born at SeaWorld, Orlando. A tiny red kangaroo is hand-reared at the Assiniboine Zoo in Manitoba, Canada. Prairie dog pups play at ZooAmerica. Two devious-looking baby hyraxes born at […]

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Who is the cutest animal baby? Maybe everyone is the most lovely.

Who is the cutest animal baby Maybe everyone is the most lovely2

A veterinarian carries the offspring of female panda Lin Hui at Chiang Mai Zoo, north of Bangkok, July 2, 2009. Lin Hui, a female panda on loan from China, gave birth to the baby panda in Thailand on May 27 after being artificially inseminated with her partner’s sperm for a second time. This photo shows […]

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The beautiful princess of Dubai


Fatima princess, born in 1993 Maryam princess, born in 1991 Samara princess, born in 1999 Sarah princess, born in 2001  

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Cute and funny animal pictures part 4

a cute animal pictures 4 21 4 Cute and funny animal pics Part 4 (21 photos)

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