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Amazing Photos – Life On The Edge

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Dennis Maitland, a photographer from Detroit in the United States, before shooting "Life On The Edge", who is a acrophobe, however, after completing this series of works, he became a person who desires for height and adrenaline. With unique angle of looking down from the edge of different high buildings, Dennis Maitland shot these dizzy […]

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Dangerous work – Gathering honey in in the Himalayas

people native inhabiting mountainous Himalayas gather honey (1)

During the spring and autumn, people in central Nepal who collect honey for generations will be climbing rope ladders and braving death to collect honey and beeswax on sheer cliffs for living. Next Pages

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Challenging extreme sports – Crazy Swiss ‘spiderman’

shocking crazy cool awesome amazing dangerous exciting extreme sports climbing challenges (2)

According to the British "Daily Mail",five climbers from ‘Mammut’, a Swiss mountaineering party, showing the unique challenges of their choice: The cables of 25 meters above ground at an elevation of 3491 meters, 38-meter-high crane, a pile of dozens of scrap cars, the lift’s cable of 120 meters long, and the steel girder of 70 […]

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Zombie ants in Brazil’s rainforest

shocking amazing new life living beings zombie ants fungi pathogen Brazil rainforest (1)

The world’s most dangerous life hidden in Brazil’s rainforest, but the enemy that ants there are facing is one of the most sinister. Pennsylvania State University’s scientists recently discovered four new species of fungi in the area, they are shocked that these fungi can infect ants and take over their body and, in an environment […]

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Shocking Deadly Piranhas In Amazon

amazing horrible terrible shocking fearful dangerous hazardous fish Piranha Amazon river (1)

Piranhas live in groups and may attack humans and animals. When hundreds of piranhas simultaneously attack a target, only a skeleton left after a few minutes, such scary scene is frightening very thought, so when you travel on the Amazon river, do not hand into the water! :) Amazon has the rainy season and dry […]

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Amazing dance girl who performing on an airborne plane’s wing


July 24, 2011, Newcastle in UK, amazing 21-year-old British girl, Charlotte Voce, was in her unique training of "dance on the wing."

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Volcanic eruptions photographs taken at close range

amazing cool spectacular rare wonderful incredible impressive Volcano eruption magma lava pics

The hot magma is as beautiful as fireworks. Photographers and explorers risked their lives to go to close the crater and took pictures of these rare scenes. They are adorable for their professionalism!   

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Shocking moments of great white shark

spectacular cool amazing shocking fatal great white shark fly hunting prey pictures (8)

Have you ever seen a great white shark flying in the sky? This is a monstrous great white shark of 20 feet length, photographer captured the impressive moments of hunting prey that it leaped out of the water and snapped a seal.     Next Pages

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Amazing landscape of Kamchatka volcano crater

incredible spectacular wonderful landscape Kamchatka Mutnovsky volcano crater (6)

Kamchatka in Siberia of Russia is one of the most famous volcanic regions in the world, which has high density of active volcanoes with different types and geographical features. Mutnovsky volcano craters, Kamtchatka, there’re numerous fumaroles emitting hot sulfur and smoke gas, boiling mud pots and hot geysers, crystalline sulfur, etc. Adventurers can even enjoy […]

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Leaking nuclear-waste dump in Germany

dangerous leaking nuclear-waste dump storage site Asse II salt mine Germany Europe

An abandoned salt mine in Germany, which has become a nuclear waste storage site named "Asse II". Since the 1970s, barrels of nuclear waste have been piled mussily in it. This nuclear-waste storage site is located in central Germany countryside as deep as 2,460 feet (750 meters) underground. This picture was taken in 1970s. Between […]

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True Spider-Man in the world – Alain Robert

Spider-Man Alain Robert amazing people climb risky high skyscrapers buildings (2)

Known as "Spider-Man," Alain Robert, born in August 1962, height 1.63 meters (or 1.64 meters?), weight 50 kilograms, married and has 3 children. He began to be in the climbing activities when he was 12-year-old, had climbed hundreds of skyscrapers and high buildings in the world, such as the Burj Dubai, Paris Eiffel Tower, Empire […]

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