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Rare fire tornado

marvellous rare unusual cool amazing uncommon fire tornado wonder pictures (4)

Local time on March 1, the east side of Budapest in Hungary, a plastics processing plant was on fire. In the fire, a powerful fire tornado suddenly appeared and the scene was more chaotic. Fire Department dispatched 70 firefighters to keep the fire under control. Currently, there is no report of casualties, cause of the […]

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Wonderful mysterious underwater caves world

amazing attractive cool adventure Wonderful mysterious underwater caves Bahamas Abaco Island (31)

These real photos are from one of the world’s most mysterious places. If you have the opportunity to travel to the Bahamas’ Abaco Island, you will definitely be shocked by its huge network of underwater caves. This is a dangerous adventure, you must be well-trained and well prepared, and even so, security is still not […]

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Amazing photographer – ‘Shark Shepherd’

crazy cool awesome surprising amazing man photographer shark shepherd close up photographs

52 years old photographer, Jim Abernethy, from Florida, has spent 35 years living with these fearsome predators in their natural habitats and released a book of shark photographs – Sharks Up Close Each year Jim Abernethy spends on average 320 days with sharks and took close-up photos of these underwater beasts in the Bahamas, South […]

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Amazing Shaolin Kung Fu

amazing cool awesome incredible Shaolin Kung Fu Chinese martial arts skill photos (13)

There is an ancient place in Henan province of China, the Shaolin temple, founded in the 5th century, is long famous for its Zen and Chinese martial arts and particularly with Shaolin Kungfu. Here are the amazing photos of the Shaolin Kung Fu. (Dangerous stunts, Imitation is strictly prohibited)           Next […]

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Amazing dazzling sparks of molten iron

cool fun awesome spectacular molten iron dazzling sparks ceremony (9)

Local time on February 16, Hebei Province, China, the folk artists splashed molten iron to the ancient city wall. This is a local folklore festival ceremony with long history. During the annual Lantern Festival, folk artists splashed the molten iron to the ancient walls that become thousands of dazzling sparks. The activity expresses a wish […]

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Amazing photos of overcrowded trains

amazing Bangladesh Dhaka overload overcrowded trains railway photos pictures (1)

Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital, after the Bishwa Ijtema thousands of Muslim participants went home by train. There’re at least 2.5 million peoples attended the conference of two days.   India’s overload trains, there’re too many people in the train. Next Pages

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Eerie and mysterious underground world of Paris

attractive mysterious amazing cool awesome fun underground world art Paris (15)

Paris’ underground quarry tunnels are about 280 kilometers long. in the abandoned underground quarry tunnels of Paris, a painter called Lone was painting the mural that is in accordance with the best known painting ‘Isle of the Dead’(German: Die Toteninsel) of Swiss artist Arnold Böcklin. People access into these quarries is illegal, so the explorers […]

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Walking the tightrope with an elevation of 3303 metres

amazing dangerous high challenge difficult Swiss acrobat Walking tightrope elevation 3303 metres (1)

Local time on January 29, a Swiss acrobat was walking the tightrope at Corvatsch near St Moritz. From the station of a cable car with an elevation of 3303 meters to another on the mountainside, He covered the distance of 1600 meters.  

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Super brave climbers

dangerous amazing crazy cool brave climber tent sleep rest cliff (8)

Have a look at these super brave (or crazy?) climbers, their tents to be hung on the cliffs, they sleep and rest at such place! Would you dare to stake your life on it? Next Pages

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Amazing cool photos in 2010

amazing cool awesome great stunning impressive incredible photos pics plane crash

A Canada’s F-18 fighter broke down when it was in performance, fortunately the pilots bailed out before the plane crashed. A parachutist was doing dangerous stunt action. Firstly He climbed out cockpit of the plane above, gliding along the wing, and then successfully jumped to the fuselage of another plane beneath. U.S. space shuttle Atlantis […]

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Gathering honey at Himalayas Mountain

worlds largest bee Everest Himalayas Mountain Gurung gather honey Nepal (7)

Cliffs of the Himalayas in Nepal there’s the world’s largest bee, the scientific name is Apis Laboriosa. At the base of the Himalayas Mountain, 2500 meters above sea level, there are some people who gather honey living in a small village of Gurung. The season of gathering honey, they are climbing the ladder, and risk […]

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