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Marvellous spectacle of Fire Tornado

amazing wonderful marvellous spectacle of Tornado Fire fire whirl

According to the report of the National Geographic that the United States, Brazil and other American countries all had forest fires due to the serious drought, In case of the tornado, there will be a rare Fire Tornado. The tornado fire is up to several meters, rotating forward like a fire dragon and destroying everything […]

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Photographers of nuclear test

Photographers of nuclear explosion test photos

In order to capture the live images of nuclear test at Nevada and the South Pacific, the photographers had to be only a few kilometers away from the center of the explosion. According to the German "Der Spiegel" reported on November 25, the U.S. has already released a number of photos of nuclear explosions, and […]

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Aircraft was besieged by birds

U.S. Navy aircraft E-6B besieged by birds (2)

A U.S. Navy aircraft was suddenly besieged by birds near the runway; it was amazing that the E-6B aircraft was not affected by the birds. As a general rule, “bird strikes” are very dangerous and it’s a serious problem to jets all over the world  

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An exploration of deep inside an active volcano

Australia crazy cool dangerous exploration deep inside active volcano (4)

October 20, 2010, Australia, explorer Drew Bristol and his team staged a breathtaking scene; they challenge the limits and descend into an active volcano inside. At that time, the hot lava lake is only a mere 100 meters away from him. If inattentive slip or the dreaded red magma suddenly erupts, Bristol will be instant […]

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The most dangerous airport runway

weird odd bizarre amazing pictures of the most dangerous airport runway

Although the airport runway construction in such dangerous place is absolutely through rigorous consideration and careful calculation, but, it really got the guts to fly in such runway environment, what if there are some problems? This is no joke.

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Amazing photos of Guatemala’s Pacaya volcano eruption

Amazing beautiful photos of Guatemala Pacaya volcano eruption (7)

German media reported on June 10, last month, Central America, Guatemala’s Pacaya volcanic erupted. Although the main road leading to Pacaya volcano had long been closed, but many tourists still risked their lives to watch the magnificent natural landscape in disregard of the warnings of disaster relief organizations. Tourists stood in front of Guatemala’s Pacaya […]

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Extreme funny crazy overloading pictures

Extreme funny crazy overloading pictures (25)

"Hey, sir, you overload, rated 3 persons of the small PICK-UP car you installed 50 people plus a pig," of course, with the following overloading picture, this is trivial, take a look at these ridiculous pictures of overloading.  

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Swimming with crocodile

Swimming with crocodile 2

Offshore in Cuba, 31-year-old diver SilaEr Gonzales risked their lives close to the most deadly animals in nature – a 11 feet (3.35 meters) long and weighing 1,000 pounds (453.59 kilograms) crocodile, swim with it as long as 2 hours. Photographer: David Dubilaite  

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Imitation is strictly forbidden! Dangerous self-made weapons in prison

Iron rule dagger

Introduction of several self-made weapons in prison, according to the Design Observer’s Dangerous Beauty 1. Iron rule dagger A sharp dagger is made of a iron rule. 2. Glass knives A sharp glass fragments 3. Plastic comb broadsword Three blades in the Comb teeth, then fixed by copper wire and shoelaces. 4. Super-glove Looks no […]

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Actress Jessica Biel has overtaken Brad Pitt as the most dangerous celebrity to search in cyberspace

Jessica Biel Beyonce and Jennifer Aniston are the top three most dangerous celebrity to search in cyberspace

Actress Jessica Biel has overtaken Brad Pitt as the most dangerous celebrity to search in cyberspace, according to Internet security company McAfee Inc. Biel, 27, who shot to fame in the TV show "7th Heaven" and most recently starred in "Easy Virtue," was deemed the most dangerous, with fans having a one-in-five chance of landing […]

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Former circus man does one-handed handstand dangling on the edge of a 304m high cliff edge

circus man does one-handed handstand dangling 300m over cliff edge

Eskil Ronningsbakken does a one-handed handstand as he balances on the edge of a 304m high cliff edge in Norway with one of his assistants Benedicte M. Bjerke, who is a classically trained dancer Eskil Ronningsbakken said he is ‘honoured to be an extension of God’s beautiful nature’ , he describes himself as an ‘educated […]

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