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Super brave climbers

dangerous amazing crazy cool brave climber tent sleep rest cliff (8)

Have a look at these super brave (or crazy?) climbers, their tents to be hung on the cliffs, they sleep and rest at such place! Would you dare to stake your life on it? Next Pages

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Spanish festival of Saint Antony

Spain festival Saint Antony Luminarias knights fire horses nagual animals cool pics (14)

100 kilometers northwest of Spain’s capital Madrid, annual Spanish festival of Saint Antony at a small town Luminarias, brave knights go through the fire by riding on their dear horses. Saint Antony is the nagual of animals. Poor horses, they must be with singed fur and covered in black soot.     Next Pages

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New Zealand’s most famous volcano park

New Zealands most famous volcano park Tongariro National Park world cultural heritage (1)

Tongariro National Park is New Zealand’s most famous volcano park; there are 15 active & inactive volcanos linear arrangement. Tongariro National Park now is the world cultural heritage. More pictures

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Top 10 Crazy Extreme Sports

Top cool Crazy exciting Extreme Sports Volcano Boarding

Warning: These extreme sports are dangerous and even illegal, never try it carelessly Volcano Boarding Skateboarders slide down from the steep accumulation of hot volcanic ash, it’s very dangerous to slide down from the 2,380 ft volcano at a high speed of 50 mph, only a skateboard, no other protection, so the Volcano Boarding by […]

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