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Scary optical illusion paintings on human bodies

scary horrible bodyart optical illusion paintings (5)

Horrible body art of optical illusion paintings made by Japanese artist Chooo-San that eyes, mouths, zippers, plugs and frightening faces were painted on human bodies. Source

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Super spider that traps snake prey

shocking surprising amazed spider prey snake

Tania Robertson, receptionist of a company in South Africa, shockingly found that an approximately 14 cm long snake was bound in a spider web, soon to be the spider’s meal. Prior to this, that surprising spider had spent two days to spin its powerful web.   Via

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Amazed giant pythons in the world

amazing shocking crazy unbelievable worlds biggest largest huge giant pythons snakes (10)

What makes humans so fascinated by the giant pythons? We are very curious about giant pythons, but sometimes we are shocked by their great size as well. Be prepared to take a look at world’s largest snakes. Next Pages

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Shocking sharks that were caught

amazed fearful frightening horrible shocking poor great white shark (3)

In the ocean sharks may be very cruel, but on Earth perhaps human is the cruelest. Sharks and human beings are all senior members in the food chain, over recent centuries human had made extraordinary progress in knowledge and technology holding all the trumps. I only have to say, human is the natural enemy of […]

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Perhaps the largest "zombie parade"

shocking funny interesting bizarre largest zombie march parade disguised dressed (4)

Nov. 26, a "zombie parade" was held in Mexico, nearly ten thousand people disguised as a variety of "zombies" gathering on the square, hoping to break the Guinness World Record of the number of participants. Organizers said that the registered of "zombie parade" were 9860, and the purpose of this event in addition to raising […]

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Medieval Russia’s brutal instruments of torture

Medieval Russia shocking brutal horrible crazy fearful frightening instruments torture (4)

This is a museum which displays the instruments of torture in medieval Russia, each of which is gruesome and horrible, that’s really a dark era in human history.

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Shocking “real human” exhibition

amazing crazy shocking frightening horrible fearful real human specimens model exhibition show

August 6, in Montevideo, Uruguay, visitors were watching an exhibition called "real human". Being in that exhibition would make my blood turn cold. Are these real human specimens? Or just model?  

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Have you ever met a shark’s shard teeth?

amazing cool fearful crazy terrific horrible big white shark teeth pictures photo

The shark is dangerous to swimmers; being killed by sharks is a common occurrence in those waters where sharks are stalking. Although it’s the fiercest animal in the seas, in fact, humans are real threat to sharks.   Next Pages

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Horrible side of common insects in our daily life under macro lens

horrible frightening freaky sick fearful terrible insects powerful macro lens photographs

"Time" magazine published a set of photographs of common insects in our daily life. Under the macro lens, these creatures show their freaky side and it’s really horrific.

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Great white shark leaping out of the sea suddenly fell on the deck of a marine research ship

amazing frightening breathtaking surprising shocking Great white shark leaping out sea ship

Mossel Bay, South Africa, a half-ton great white shark leaping the sea suddenly, then landed on the deck of a marine research vessel. 7 scientists wrestling with the great white shark, tried to help it to be back the sea, but they weren’t able to subdue it. Two scientists put the shark near the port, […]

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Shocking objects in body scanned by x-ray apparatus

amazing shocking surprising weird strange unusual crazy photos body under x-rays (2)

Amazing photograph taken with x-rays.  

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