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Wooden Volkswagen Beetle By 71-year-old Artist


The Wooden car was converted from a Volkswagen Beetle by 71-year-old Bosnian artist Momir Bojic with 50,000 pieces of miniature oak wood tiles, who also made a wooden hat to match for the Wooden Volkswagen Beetle. Video  

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Giant birdsnest for resting, playing or working in

creative-fashionable-modern-furnitue-design-bird-nest (1)

This giant and eye-catching bed is designed by OGE Group that looks alike a bird’s nest, of which the wooden nest is filled with comfortable egg-shaped pillows. The modern and unique birdsnest is not only furniture, also a playground for your living room.   Source

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Creative and playful food painting artworks

creative-funny-interesting-food-art-camouflage (1)

Japanese artist Hikaru Cho created funny artworks by turning a fruit, a vegetable or an egg into another by vividly painting that look like to be very well camouflaged.   Source

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Amazing suitcase stickers

creative funny interesting cool suicase ssticker

These controversial suitcase stickers will make you become a focus of public attention. Source

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Floating bench

amazing cool design illusion floating bench

Floating bench was designed by h220430, which was suspended from the ceiling by four anchors hidden by the balloons to create amazing illusion. Source Pictures taken by Ikunori Yamamoto

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Interacting with the moon

cool awesome great creative amazing photography (2)

Cool inspiration by talented French photographer Laurent Laveder that series of amazing photos show people interacting with the moon. Though some images are forced, creative and impressive, enjoy it!  

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Terrifying elevator shaft

creative cool awesome 3D three dimensional optical illusion (2)

When the doors of this elevator shaft at Southside shopping centre in London opened, people would be scared to see that they’re only a step away from the collapsed floor of the elevator. This creative 3D optical illusion was created to welcome the launch of Alton Towers Resort’s new attraction – Nemesis Sub-Terra.  

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Are they sisters or brothers?

interesting amazing celebrities strong resemblance similar much alike

There’s an uncommon likeness of these celebrities, really amazing.

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British Tough Guy Challenge 2012


January 29 local time, the annual British Tough Guy Challenge is re-staged. Thousands of participants from around the world gathered in Staffordshire, England, and challenged their bodies and will. British Tough Guy Challenge is considered the world’s toughest race, usually only less than two-thirds of the participants are able to complete the entire race. This […]

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Real book of the Wikipedia

funny interesting print format real book Wikipedia worlds thickest book

This is a real book of the Wikipedia, 5000 pages, the whole book up to 55 cm thick. In fact it’s completely blank A4 paper, but in appearance which is very realistic and can justifiably claims to be the thickest book in the world.

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The largest and longest 3D street painting artwork in the world

amazing cool awesome Guinness World Records largest longest 3D street painting artwork (1)

November 18, 2011, in London’s West India Quays, Canary Wharf, performers were exercising on the largest and longest 3D street painting artwork in the world. The 12,490 square 3D street painting took artists 3D Joe and Max seven days to complete it and set a new Guinness World Records. That day was the seventh "Guinness […]

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