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Ultra-realistic human sculptures

super funny pictures of Ultra realistic human sculptures 9

Art-work of Australian sculptor Ron Mueck, he is a genius!      

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The failure of predators – Funny pictures of animals

funny pictures of animals failure of predators 2

If they are loser as predator, but at least they are cute~      

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Top 8 of Yemen Miss Universe – Absolutely stunning!

Yemen Miss Universe top 8 stunning

Surely amazing! If you are unable to see clearly, please click the thumbnail to view large size image.

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World’s longest hair

amazing pictures of worlds longest hair 1

79-year-old Vietnamese Wenhai Chen died on February 24. He was known to the world because he has a long hair up to 6.8 meters, is the world Number 1. 50 years, he had no hair cut, according to his wife, from the age of 20, he will be sick every time as long as haircut. […]

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Performance Art – Letters of Human Modeling

funny pictures of Performance Art Letters of Human Modeling 1

Children learning English can use this for teaching, should learn faster. :)          

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The spoof puppets of political figure at the fire festivals

funny pictures of spoof puppets of political figures spain690

March 16, Spain, Valencia, the fire festivals, a variety of puppets with different features, especially the spoof puppets of political figure are highlighted. The above photograph is the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was kissed by a beauty.  

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New fashion of Japanese girls

weird pictures funny pictures of new fashion japanese girls19

Look at these japanese girl how to lead the fashion, they look like the African indigenous peoples or Decorative Art of Aborigine in Australia . Maybe fashion is just a joke.  

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Japanese lifelike sex doll production process

funny pictures of Japanese sex doll production process 1

Variety of facial, hair style, body of  japanese real love doll  (sex doll or blow up doll), and production process. At love doll manufacturers, according to the raw materials and process sophistication of these sex toys, the price varies widely, the most expensive is made of high-grade latex simulation delicate skin and metal frame, the […]

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Her goal is the world’s most fat woman

fattest goal is worlds most fat woman

The goal of the world’s fattest woman is strange to most women.  American Donna Simpson current weight has went up to 602 pounds (about 273 kilograms), wearing clothes XXXXXXXL, but she still didn’t esteem it’s enough, and determined to double her weight, to become the world’s most fat woman. Donna Simpson, 42-year-old, from New Jersey, her […]

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2010 Uruguay Carnival

2010 Uruguay Carnival 5

February 6, a grand carnival in the capital and largest city of Uruguay, Montevideo, it’s a cosmopolitan city and one of the busiest ports in South America. The "call" parade, as the highlight of 2010 Uruguay carnival, it attracted thousands of spectators. The celebrations marked by wild costumes, music and sexy dancing in the streets. […]

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2010 Italian Carnival

2010 Italian Carnival 3

At Carnival, anything goes. During carnival everyone has a dream, even if it is only for a day. The shots of of the 2010 Italian Carnival, some photos are really weird and strange.  

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