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Irish artist decorates arts center with condoms

weird odd strange amazing surprising creative art work exhibition against AIDS (3)

November 23, 2011, at Centre National d’art et de Culture Georges Pompidou in Paris, France, visitors was appreciating Irish artist Bryan Mc Cormack’s work. Inside the building every story is decorated with colorful condoms and it’s as part of a crusade against AIDS. The exhibition will continue until December 5.

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Delicious Weapon – Funny Ice Pistol

weird fun interesting odd bizarre icecream ice gun pistol

Of course, these people don’t wanna commit suicide, they are tasting interesting food called ice gun! From German, Florian Jenett and Valentin Beinroth created this ice gun in 2003, and they have done a lot of kinds of ice gun, which are mostly made from the juice, licorice, cherries and food coloring, etc.

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Bizarre and funny soap

funny interesting weird bizarre odd strange surprising creative soap design (9)

At least some of which I don’t get the guts to use.

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Fancier than Harry Potter

funny interesting cool weird odd strange unique bizarre lol awesome take picture photograph post

Oregon, USA, suspended in the air and leisurely sleeping, ​​a 14-year-old boy assumed such particular posture to take pictures. Nowadays, it’s popular that taking pictures in weird or funny pose, really impressive.

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Amazing X-ray images

beautiful nice novelty x-ray pictures images photos

A different world of X-ray. Next Pages

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The world’s largest balloon sculpture – A giant black spider

amazing cool awesome fun giant huge biggest balloon sculpture black spider (5)

A balloon artist using 3000 balloons to create a giant model of black spider, the entire of which is 45 feet 2 inches in width and 22 feet 2 inches in length, finishing the work cost him 6 days 10 hours, it had been certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as he world’s […]

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Unique view of kissing

fun interesting different unique creative inspiration art photography beautiful kiss

Artist’s work is often the creation of beautiful or significant things abstracted from the ordinary and is expressed in a unique view. Photographer Andy Barter’s "Kiss" series of photographs is truely the expression of that. Kissing itself isn’t an uncommon theme, but can be expressed in this way by Barter from this angle is rare. […]

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What kind makes them so scary

dread frightened terrified afraid terror scary feeling fun game (1)

Near Niagara Falls there’s a pleasure ground, where tourists will experience an unprecedented feeling of terror. Their response was very scary, but what kind let them so scary? I’m really curious….

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Special chocolate bath

funny interesting unique special Switzerland beauty chocolate bath (1)

A beauty salon in downtown in Geneva, Switzerland, customers are experiencing chocolate bath. According to the staff, chocolate contains unique ingredients beneficial to the skin and inspiring enthusiasm. Lovers can taste the chocolate bestowed as gift when experiencing the chocolate bath.   I have a question: is the chocolate repeated use?!

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Roman wrestling contest for 2012 London Olympics

funny lifelike cool wow 2012 London Olympics Roman Wrestling competition struggle performance

In order to meet the 2012 London Olympics, the British Museum in London recently held a special Roman wrestling contest. Dressed in traditional costumes of Roman gladiators in the ‘amphitheatre’ to start a desperate struggle and the crowd went wild. Don’t worry, this is just a performance only, no bleeding, and no one died. Weapons […]

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Amazing hairdresser’s tool

amazing funny interesting weird odd unusual offbeat special barber cut hair sickle (10)

In the mountains in Guizhou Province, China, there’s a very special minority – Bia Sha Miao nation. At the wedding, after the celebrating with gunfire, the mountain village’s elder will cut groom’s hair with an important tool in their daily life – sickle. Pretty Tourist Guide   Local Restaurant

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