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Trees were shrouded by webs as ghostly cocoons

amazing strange weird fun Pakistani trees shrouded ghostly cocoons spiders sin webs violent floods

In the village of Sindh, Pakistani, after the catastrophic violent floods in 2010, large numbers of spiders spun webs in the trees line the banks of a submerged farm field, the trees were shrouded by the webs which like strange cocoons.      

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Enjoy 35 degrees below zero

cool amazing people brave ice swimmer winter swimming sports russia icy river (1)

After Christmas treat, is there any idea in your idea? For Russian ice swimmers, these cold dips in the iced water are an annual holiday tradition. This is a local winter swimming club in the city of Krasnoyarsk in the western part of East Siberia; members were swimming in the Yenisei River who braved the […]

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Extreme sports – ice climbing

cool awesome adventure exciting crazy extreme sports Ice climbing (1)

Ice climbing is evolved from the rock climbing and is one of the required courses in mountain (Snow Mountain) climbing. This is a challenging extreme sports in seeking adventures, hardships and their challenge to nature and to themselves. In ensuring the safety the braves can have a try. Next Pages

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Amazing “Lion Talker”

cool awesome amazing people zoologist lions Lion Talker Whisperer brave man

I always admire zoologists who study wild animals all the year round; they are true peoples who embrace the nature. Kevin Richardson is an animal behavior zoologist, and also a writer and filmmaker. He has an amazing ability of communicating with the lions, and even become their close friends. He extensively studied the African continent’s […]

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Weird rainbow photos

amazing spectacular cool weird beautiful wonderful strange photos rainbow pics

Amateur photographer Mikhail Baevsky in Ukraine, Mikhail Baevsky Mountain shoot amazing photos of rainbow, there appeared a mysterious figure in the middle of the rainbow.  

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Weird lake in Australia

amazing cool mysterious Gippsland lake water fluorescent blue light Australian photos

January 29, 2011, Australia, according to press reported, 34-year-old Melbourne’s photographer Phil Hart recently in the Lake Gippsland of Victoria took amazing photos – the waters emitted blue light as the fluorescent dye was dumped into the lake. Whether it’s natural phenomenon or artificial, it did at least seem to be great.

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The world’s highest restaurant opened

worlds highest restaurant Dubai Burj Dubai At.Mosphere fun amazing cool

January 23, 2011, Dubai, At.Mosphere restaurant is on the one hundred and twenty second floor of Burj Dubai, it’s 442 meters above the ground and tourist can overlook the city.

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Spanish festival of Saint Antony

Spain festival Saint Antony Luminarias knights fire horses nagual animals cool pics (14)

100 kilometers northwest of Spain’s capital Madrid, annual Spanish festival of Saint Antony at a small town Luminarias, brave knights go through the fire by riding on their dear horses. Saint Antony is the nagual of animals. Poor horses, they must be with singed fur and covered in black soot.     Next Pages

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Creative Ghost Light

funny cool weird odd interesting creative design ghost light fear (3)

In order to deal with thieves, Australian designer Manfred Kielnhofer designed a "ghost light”, just standing in front of your window silently to protect your dreams. Although some people may feel little fear, but it’s worth if it can work properly  :)  Take care not to petrify yourself.

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New Zealand’s most famous volcano park

New Zealands most famous volcano park Tongariro National Park world cultural heritage (1)

Tongariro National Park is New Zealand’s most famous volcano park; there are 15 active & inactive volcanos linear arrangement. Tongariro National Park now is the world cultural heritage. More pictures

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Amazing photos of culprits 2010

Amazing funny crazy photos of culprits prisoner 2010

Of course, this is not the image edited by Photoshop, he was arrested for pimping. This photo shows his strange cranial, this is the unfortunate consequences of a car accident. How was your neck? How was your head? The dentist did it! Serve a sentence in this way?   The sequel of "Prison Break"? Surprise! […]

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