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Amazing photos of the past 2010

amazing cool news photos 2010

October 5, 2010, Malaysia, at an exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Mohd Faizal is on performances with a copperhead. The snake is common in Southeast Asia. March 27, 2010, Los Angeles, United States, Teen Choice Awards organized by American Nickelodeon Channel, singer Katy Perry April 1, 2010, Sai Buli, Yala province of Thailand, a 5-year-old pigtail […]

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Exquisite paper-cutting works of the city maps

amazing cool awesome creative exquisite handicraft paper cutting works city maps design

Designer Karen O’Leary demonstrated his exquisite handicraft – paper-cutting works of the city maps. This kind of work requires not only superb skills, but also needs patience. Works as such, deserve admiration. Karen O’Leary will sell these maps, the price from twenty dollars to a thousand dollars. More pictures

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Beautiful “Mushroom cloud”


December 25, Mt. Heaven (Tianshan, it’s also known as the Snow Mountain), Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China, there is a "mushroom cloud" in the sky. For the reason of cold air, in the past 3 days, it was low temperature and snowing. After the snow, an unusual beautiful "mushroom cloud" appeared in the sky.

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Unexpected humorous creativity

amazing funny cool weird wierd awesome interesting unexpected humorous creativity pictures

Every picture has unexpected humorous creativity, they have their own interesting story, perhaps every visitor may have unique personal viewpoint, I believe you also have distinct understanding of it from all others!    

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What does it look when balloon filled with water instantly pops?


British photographer Edward Horsford captured the popping moments of balloon filled with water by high-speed photography. Photographer Edward Horsford tested more than 50 times in darkness, using 1 / 40000 shutter speed, the popping sound triggered the flash lamp and exposure, eventually shot these amazing photos.  

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Top 10 most-searched items of 2010

Top 10 most-searched items of 2010 yahoo search engine

The list, released on Wednesday, identified the top trends, searches and news items from several categories. News trumped celebrities in 2010 as the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and World Cup soccer in South Africa topped the list of most-searched items of 2010, according to Yahoo! It is the first time that […]

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Amazing 3D pencil pictures

Amazing 3D pencil pictures (1)

The image on the paper is rich with the layer and stereoscopic feeling; it seems to have a 3D stereoscopic effect.

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World records biggest halibut

German angler Iceland giant biggest halibut record

According to British media reported, a 70-year-old German angler at fjords of western Iceland captured a giant halibut weighing about 215 kg. Gunther Hancell struggled with this big fish for two hours; with the help of five men he dragged it on the boat. It was reported that this "monster" weighed 480 pounds, 8 feet […]

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Viewing the aurora from space

viewing the aurora from space NASA photos International Space Station (1)

November 19, NASA announced the photos of aurora taken by astronaut Douglas Weelock at the International Space Station.    

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Top 10 Crazy Extreme Sports

Top cool Crazy exciting Extreme Sports Volcano Boarding

Warning: These extreme sports are dangerous and even illegal, never try it carelessly Volcano Boarding Skateboarders slide down from the steep accumulation of hot volcanic ash, it’s very dangerous to slide down from the 2,380 ft volcano at a high speed of 50 mph, only a skateboard, no other protection, so the Volcano Boarding by […]

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The most fashionable this fall

The most fashion this fall leaf glue

The color of autumn is very rich and very beautiful, so why not try to wear them on? These humorous T-shirts will constantly remind you that humans are part of nature; they certainly make your friends smile. What you need is glue and leaves.

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