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Funny Pictures of Barack Obama

president barack obama smoking

Some funny pictures of barack obama, include Barack Obama smoking picture, Obama family  and their pet dog – Bo ( it has become a tradition that each American president will have some kind of dog while in office. Eventually, a Portuguese water dog was settled on)

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Nanny is really hard job – animal and baby

Nanny is really hard job - animal and baby_1

Babysitter is hard for me , leave me alone, don’t let them bother me, please! ^_^

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The Loneliest Panda in The History

The Loneliest Panda in The History 1

A lonely panda in a lonely tree He said: I’m not watching the sky, but the loneliness! Panda really understands loneliness? In fact, hunman is real lonely. There’re some photos of  "lonely" panda ^_^  

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German men have been voted the world’s worst lovers

German football player Michael Ballack

German men have been voted the world’s worst lovers, narrowly beating English men to the unwanted title. WORLD’S WORST LOVERS: 1. Germany (too smelly) 2. England (too lazy) 3. Sweden (too quick) 4. Holland (too dominating) 5. America (too dominating) 6. Greece (too lovey-dovey) 7. Wales (too selfish) 8. Scotland (too loud) 9. Turkey (too […]

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Collection of funny original homeless cardboard signs

a funny homeless signs 1 Funniest original homeless signs (22 photos)


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Hot sexy yoga poses gallery

hot sexy yoga poses 2 Sexy yoga photo gallery (25 photos)

Gallery of hot sexy yoga poses. Click the thumbnails to view the large size images.              

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