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Funny photo gallery of Vladimir Putin

funny interesting humorous cool Russia president prime minister Vladimir Putin photos pictures (20)

Russia’s former president, Vladimir Putin, who is a famous politician and popular on the Internet. According to reports, not only can he pilot fighter, but also can drive formula car, really an energetic man. Next Pages

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Weirdest sleeping bags

weird odd strange funny creative cool awesome interesting sleeping bag design (2)

At least one-third the time of one’s life is occupied by sleep, the quality of which determines the quality of a person’s life, in order to have better sleep,  talented designers create a variety of sleeping bags for these sleepy people, as far as the following design works are concerned, however, my personal idea – […]

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Rowing on the roof

funny interesting amazing awesome mini small artificial lake on the roof

July 21, in order to promote new products, a manufacturer built a mini artificial lake on the roof of the Selfridges which is a famous department store in London, and provided more than 10 mini boats which are available for people to enjoy a different kind of fun. The lake even has a dedicated lifeguard. […]

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How to protect the skin when swimming

During the hot summer months, want to swim without getting a sunburn by overexposure to the sun, you should try this set of swimwear!

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Amazing people in campus

amazing crazy funny amusing freaky weird odd wacky prankster students guys school campus (16)

The campus life is always very wonderful and excited, which is to be treasured, miss the old days on the campus… Next Pages

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The world’s largest ice cream cake

amazing cool interesting fun new Guinness World Record worlds largest ice cream cake (3)

May 10, Canada, the famous chain brand of ice cream, Dairy Queen, set a new Guinness World Record to commemorate and celebrate their 30th anniversary. They made the world’s largest ice cream cake with about 9,000 kilograms ice cream, 91 kilograms cake and other 136 kg ingredients, etc.    

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World Beard Championships

funny creative sexy interesting cute World Beard Championships champion styles

Local time on May 15, the biennial World Beard Championships held in Trondheim, Norway, 163 contestants from 15 countries around the world took part in competition and showed their multifarious beard styles. The photo below showed the 47-year-old Elmar Weisser from Germany who won the champion.  

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Seoul Culture Festival’s human light show

fun interesting amazing dazzling acrobatic performance show Seoul Culture Festival

Local time on May 5, in Seoul, Korea, an acrobatic performance of human light was at Seoul Culture Festival. Performers were doing a variety of actions 30 meters above the ground to give a kind of visual enjoyment.

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‘Beauties’ made of vegetables

creative fun cool awesome excellent vivid living lifelike vegetable beauty girl (7)

It’s really surprising that artist created beauty models by using common vegetables; either the color or the features are all vivid, I cannot but admire artist’s inspiration.    

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Fantastic laser ball in Romania

unique offbeat romantic cool fantastic awesome funny laser ball party Romania (2)

May 14, Romania, in the forest 50 kilometers north of Bucharest, young people were taking part in the romantic and mysterious laser ball.  

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Creative design – amazing swimming pool

creative amazing cool awesome fun contemporary art design swimming pool artist (1)

People are ‘submerged’ in water and isolated from outside surrounding, it seems a little frightening, after all, this isn’t the way we’re familiar. However, Erlich, artist from Argentina, design this seemingly horrible swimming pool, the purpose is to attempt to arouse the awareness of Earth’s freshwater resources. Erlich is a famous contemporary artist; he likes […]

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