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Top 10 hybridization fruits and vegetables

strange amazing weird bizarre odd cool hybridization fruits vegetables yellow watermelon

Now, in the supermarket we can see more and more new hybridization fruits and vegetables. These nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables look a bit strange. 1, Yellow watermelon In appearance it is a common watermelon, but the flesh is bright yellow. This kind of watermelon is the result of crossing normal watermelon and wild watermelon. 2, […]

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Eerie and mysterious underground world of Paris

attractive mysterious amazing cool awesome fun underground world art Paris (15)

Paris’ underground quarry tunnels are about 280 kilometers long. in the abandoned underground quarry tunnels of Paris, a painter called Lone was painting the mural that is in accordance with the best known painting ‘Isle of the Dead’(German: Die Toteninsel) of Swiss artist Arnold Böcklin. People access into these quarries is illegal, so the explorers […]

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Underwater restaurant of the lowest elevation in the world

Israel Eilat famous Underwater restaurant coral reef lowest elevation altitude

Eilat, the southernmost city of Israel, it is a famous tourist destination and neighbors the Jordan’s Aqaba. Aqaba is known for its high-quality sandy beach and Eilat is famous for its coral reef of Red Sea. In order to appreciate the beautiful coral reef, the Israelis built an underwater restaurant at the bottom of the […]

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A poor python is the rope in a tug-of-war

funny interesting amazing African leopards python tug of war photos (3)

South Africa’s Mala Mala Reserve, tourists luckily witnessed an unusual "tug of war", a two-meter-long python’s head and tail were grabbed by two African leopards. The contest lasted for half an hour. The young leopard finally won in this contest and got the dying prey. African photographer Josie recorded the photos. According to the administrator […]

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Amazing dancer

amazing cool funny offbeat passion interesting enthusiasm great dancers (2)

Great dancers can show their personality anywhere and at any time, do you wanna be a dancer?  :)     

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Rabbit under hypnosis

funny cool amazing awesome interesting hypnosis performance habit animal experiencing trance (3)

The history of hypnosis is very long and hypnotic induction believed to involve animal magnetism. People under hypnosis pass into a trance-like state. Even Freud himself had gone to learn the methods of hypnosis. Now days, hypnosis has been successfully in medical field, in entertainment hypnosis is fun for people experiencing the trance and for […]

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World’s coolest weird Buildings

Worlds coolest weird oddity bizarre offbeat creative funny Buildings construction

Beetham Tower (Manchester, UK) The materials of Beetham Tower are Glass and steel, which is the highest construction in Manchester. Fuyuhito (Tokyo, Japan) Japan is smaller than California, but population is equivalent to 40% of the U.S. The house in the photo is only 30 square meters, however, the owner try to make a multi-storey […]

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Amazing rocks around the world

amazing funny cool awesome weird strange interesting rare odd Balanced Rocks

China Colorado National Monument This is the well-known Balanced Rock in Colorado, United States   Balanced Rock in Nova Scotia, Canada Birmingham, North Yorkshire, UK The huge rock weighing about 200 tons Next Page

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Awesome light painting works

top awesome beautiful cool funny excellent great amazing light painting drawing graffiti

January 17 news report, the United Kingdom Wales, photographer Michael Bosanko’s Light painting works. The light painting is also known as light graffiti or light drawing, it is a photographic technique which is produced in the dark by moving light sources or by moving camera. Michael’s light painting work is published many times on the […]

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Miniature carving artwork of baby

amazing beautiful cute Miniature engraving artwork of baby (1)

The creator of these cute miniature carving babies is Kemira Ellen, she learned this exquisite craft from her husband’s grandmother. The cute babies look so real that you are tempted to kiss them. :)

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The grave of Private Harry Potter has become one of Israel’s top tourist attractions

grave of Private Harry Potter in Israel top tourist attractions worlds most famous wizard

  The grave of Private Harry Potter in Israel has become one of Israel’s top tourist attractions thanks to the fact he shares his name with the world’s most famous wizard. The real Harry Potter left his family’s home in Kidderminster to join the army in Birmingham in 1938. And he died in Israel in […]

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