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Cat must be cute

extreme funny cute pictures of cats (1)

As a cat, you must be cute… lol… extreme funny cute pictures of cats. Look, We love each other What a harmonious family No matter what you think, I was a penguin     Handsome, huh…    Let’s hurry a bit, Meal is almost ready. What a comfortable house. I’m especially interested in practicing yoga.

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Failure advertising slogan & logo

Failure advertising slogan GOT A GIANT THIRST

Failure advertising slogan: GOT A GIANT THIRST? The two ads are deliberately arranged so? ^_^     Failure logo of clinica dental What they are doing?!

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Shocking Fashion

Berlin Fashion Week shocking models new aesthetic fashion (5)

July 9, Berlin Fashion Week, designer Patrick Mohr introduced the new aesthetic fashion, the beautiful female models were all bald and long beards, very shocking!    

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Failure online ads

coffee might trigger first heart attack

The article is "Coffee might trigger first heart attack in some…", and the left is coffee advertisement – “Enjoy a second cup" Click the thumbnail to view large size picture. An article on the abuse of young children – "65 convicted in French child abuse trial", however, beside there’s an advertisement "Remember your very first […]

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Extreme funny photos of wet cat

Extreme funny pictures of wet cat  (28)

Cats dread water, they have a natural aversion to water. As the proverb says: "cat would eat fish and would not wet her feet."    

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Spoof series – handsome cool guy

spoof handsome cool guy extreme funny amazing  (7)

Really cool and handsome, nose rings, pierced ears, bracelets, fully equipped, awesome!      

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Funny film images under the function of the image processing software

extreme funny_movies_photoshop_editing (1)

Now the film needs to do image editing processing, but the below images using software Photoshop are just for funny.

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Unfortunate Cats

extreme funny_unfortunate bathing_cats_ (14)

Cat is afraid of water, but the owner doesn’t care it, they washed the cat anyway when it is dirty. They look pitiful…    

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Super weird motorcycle

Super weird motorcycle funny_cool_bike_ (2)

The major structure of the motorcycle are made of three huge beer barrel, I associate designer with a guy of strong love of beer. Look at the motor driver; be careful not to lose balance!  

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Extreme funny crazy overloading pictures

Extreme funny crazy overloading pictures (25)

"Hey, sir, you overload, rated 3 persons of the small PICK-UP car you installed 50 people plus a pig," of course, with the following overloading picture, this is trivial, take a look at these ridiculous pictures of overloading.  

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The gap of the network and reality

myspace funny_avatar_reality (9)

A group MySpace picture with the real contrast image, it impresses us once again that the gap of the network and reality, everybody should think about it before you wanna find beautiful girls on the web. Hope it did not hurt your fragile heart.  

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