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Oh, my Lady Gaga, you never let us down!

extreme funny pictures of lady_gaga_cool pics 1 (1)

Sometimes her attire truly may let you shock, of course, that’s why she is Lady Gaga.

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Can not believe your eyes

pretty_bust_can not believe your eyes super funny pictures

Stress once again that sometimes can not believe your eyes,when you see the real picture, you would think she is so charming? You’ll be surprised.    

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Amazing crazy photos of wedding

Amazing crazy pictures of wedding_extreme funny unique 48

These crazy guys how to make wedding become so unique and funny. (Click the thumbnails to view large size pictures)  

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Korean funny cartoons pictures

Korean funny cartoons pictures 4

Funny cartoon pictures from Korea. (Click the thumbnail to view large size pictures) Newsflash! A middle aged man in woemn’s underwear was struck by a ray from a UFO while standing on an apartment roof! …

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Funny commercials of dog-themed pictures

creative and super funny dog-themed commercials

A group of creative and funny dog-themed commercials. Appreciate it please. (click the thumbnails to view the pictures in large size)  

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Weird planes in the history

weird and strange planes(multiplane) pictures in history

Early human beings dreams of aviation, a misunderstanding that more the wing more the lift and stability, in this theory, some weird planes were made. But most of them and could not fly up in the sky… (Click the thumbnails to view large size pictures)  

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Humourous visual effects

funny pictures of Humourous visual effects In photography

In photography, through the image dislocation with foreground and background, we are often able to produce unexpected visual effects. (Click the thumbnail to view pictures in large size)  

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The homosexual behaviour in the animal world?

homosexual behaviour in the animal world controversy in biology 10

Wildlife studies have put focus to animal homosexuality for quite a long time. A recent research appears to have confirmed that homosexual behaviour in the animal world actually does exist. The conclusion again has caused great controversy in biology.    Professor Paul Harvey, at the University of Oxford, said it is unreasonable and inmature to […]

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The make-up players of London Marathon

London Marathon was born in 1981, was inspired by the New York Marathon, it holds in late April each year. 20th century, late 80′s, the London Marathon race organizers added a make-up team in the competition. Click the small thumbnails to view large size images.

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Powerful ability of table tennis player

 funny pictures of table tennis cross eyes (8)

how to cross your eyes? Just try to paly table tennis, :) Some funny pictures of table tennis.   

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Let us experience billiards infinite charm!

funny pictures of billiards 7

Do you feel like playing billiards to relax ourselves a little bit? A loser          

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