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Japanese new technology underwear –”Rice” Bra


May 12, a Japanese lingerie company introduced a new technology underwear – "Rice" Bra, the bra can be planted in the chest and cultivate rice! Surely weird… Click the thumbnail to view large size image.

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They are children, really?!

funny cute lustful and lascivious children kids_7

The lustful and lascivious person was sneered at by people, but, how about these children ~ They are so happy.  :) This is an age of innocence and happiness.    

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The Secret of Shakespeare

British scientists found the cesspool of Shakespeare

Can you believe what they are doing? That’s true. Listen. The British scientists found the cesspool of Shakespeare. The scientists said that they can find some information from the cesspool. They claimed that they did find some amazing things, but they what the amazing discovery is. Maybe it needs time to discover the freaking amazing […]

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Collection of funny cross-eye

funny cross-eyed pictures cat animal politician 1

Do not know how to cross your eyes? Follow below steps to cross your eyes. Focus both your eyes on the tip of your nose.Or hold out a finger or a pen at eye level at arm’s length. Focus on that object, trying to ignore everything behind it. Bring the object closer to your face. […]

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Don’t expect too much of man

Dont expect too much of man (9)

You cannot trust a man until a pig climbing a tree. Never believe men will keep their promises.        

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The strongest soldier! huh?

Amazing funny pictures of russia military inflatable devices 3

Pass it off as genuine, military inflatable devices of Russia. Several soldiers are lifting up an inflatable tank model. An inflatable Russian Su-27 fighter From a distance,  difficult to judge what is the fake aircraft. Apparently, this is a heavy tank, but the actual weight of only 110 kg

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Take a look at these freaking guys – It sucks!

super funny pictures of freaking guys sucks 2

Have a look at these pictures.It is definitely crazy, but the picture of Cupid is cute~ :)    

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Sleeping with your FOREVER LOVE

sleeping with your FOREVER LOVE

What is your favourite in bed?

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The failure of predators – Funny pictures of animals

funny pictures of animals failure of predators 2

If they are loser as predator, but at least they are cute~      

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Funny pictures of animals – cute photos of gesture sign

Funny pictures of animals cute gesture sign 2

Look at these cute pictures of animals’ hand signal. Hi, I’m newcome… I swear by Almighty God to tell the truth. Thank you for coming to see me. Hey, budy! Yeah, I know the answer… OMG, quite itchy! Hey, photographer, I’m here… No way! It just will not do! Forbid to take picture! I Love […]

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The most cool is girl!

hottest coolest girls 3

Now what is the most cool stuff? Hi, budy, I just saw the coolest girls!      

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