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Funny highboard platforms diving performance

Funny highboard platforms diving performance 1

2009-2010 National Diving-Star Series Race has been concluded at Jinan Olympic Sports Center, in order to please the audience, midway there’s a unique style of fun highboard platforms diving performance, it’s perfect combination of sports and entertainment! Athletes with a variety of exaggerated & funny styles jump into the swimming pool.

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Crazy eggs – egg graffiti art

Crazy eggs graffiti art 23

Often a little bit of imagination, it will let people create amazing creativity. Even only the most common things in daily life, yes, just the eggs, there’re some interesting eggs painted photographs. It originates in creators who love and understand life. Using a pen and a camera, lovely eggs that have been painted. It was […]

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Some breathtaking pictures 28

breathtaking pictures_shit_happens_part_19

Some photo graphics found on the internet, and some photo pictures are very interesting, some pictures are very exciting, and some seem to have been PS processed (photoshop),  the panda picture is great favourite of mine.      

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Cirque du Soleil celebrates its 25th anniversary

Cirque du Soleil celebrates its 25th anniversary 11

Performers of Canada’s world famous Cirque du Soleil show jujitsu in Los Angeles to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Found in 1984 by a group of street artists in Canada, Cirque du Soleil has about 3800 staff from more than 40 countries by now and has performed in nearly 100 cities, attracting tens of millions of […]

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World’s largest collection gallery funny hilarious kid child pics pictures photos

funny hilarious kid child pics 125 Worlds largest collection of funny kid pics (101 photos)

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Randomness extreme funny stuff hilarious pictures

a daily random funny hilarious342 3 Afternoon randomness 12.17.08 (35 photos)

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Another 5 Hilarious Gadgets You Wont Believe Exist o

Instant Macho Necklaces If you are not men enough, let Solo Man Bib turn you into one. “The Solo Man Bib is a hilarious ad campaign by Solo, the real man thirst crusher, that invites men to go back to being REAL men. Solo is an Australian carbonated lemon-flavored soft drink manufactured by Cadbury Schweppes. […]

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