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Stunning beautiful galaxy

amazing spectacular wonderful beautiful galaxy the Milky Way photo pictures (2)

March 29, 2012, the Galaxy over the Dolomites in northern Italy like a crown made of pearls makes people feel in fairyland. These amazing were taken by Edoardo Brotto, a Italian student and photographer. The Dolomites is one of the world’s intangible cultural heritage.  

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Spectacular eruption of volcano Etna

cool splendid Spectacular magnificent volcano eruption wonder lava Italy Europe (3)

Italy’s Etna volcano began erupting on the 11th local time, resulting in flights suspended and airport closed in Sicily. Photographers snapped the picture of Etna’s eruption, in addition to ash, the lava flowed from crater and spread out. Etna volcano is located in eastern Sicily, is the highest active volcano in Europe, currently about 3329 […]

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Special prowess of pizza-making

wonderful greatest best Italy World Pizza Championship pizza-making process skills master (5)

How to make a delicious pizza is an artful work, April 13, the 20th World Pizza Championship held in Italy, pizza-making masters from around the world had shown their special prowess. It’s really a great pleasure to eat such great pizza, and is a kind of visual enjoyment as well to watch the whole process […]

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Mona Lisa now lies in a rubbish landfill

model for Leonardo da Vincis Mona Lisa lie in a municipal rubbish tip

        What a pity! ‘Case le Passarini’, the rubbish tip near Florence which has been identified as the last resting place of the woman who modelled as Mona Lisa. The remains of the Italian woman who was the model for Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa were dug up 30 years ago and now lie […]

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