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New species – purple crabs

science nature discovery research new species crabs (1)

In the Palawan,western Philippines, researchers found a strange purple crab, this new species of color crab is named "Insulamon palawanense".  

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Amazing ‘ice world’ underwater

surprising beautiful amazing cool awesome diving underwater photography ice world wonder

Diving photographer Franco Banfi at Lake Sassolo in Ticino, Switzerland took a group of photos revealing a beautiful and amazing "ice world." Lake Sassolo is located in southern Switzerland, adjacent to Italy. Source

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Whale sharks’ free lunch – Amazing underwater photography

amazing surprising amazed great cool awesome wonderful underwater photos Whale sharks

Although not invited, these unbidden guests, whale sharks in Papua Barat in India are still coming. Underwater photographer recorded the scenes of this amazing "buffet". Whale sharks are lured by local fishermen’s nets, most of these nets have holes, which provide “free lunch” opportunities for whale sharks, and they would suck fish from those holes […]

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A large-scale sandstorm was sweeping Phoenix

amazing shocking powerful large scale sandstorm dust storm attack sweep subject U.S. Phoenix

Local time on August 18, 2011, a powerful sandstorm attacked the U.S. Phoenix, which had reduced visibility to nearly zero.

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The world’s largest cave discovered since the beginning of recorded history ever

spectacular amazing cool enormous huge largest cave in world discovery wonder Vietnam

Vietnam’s "Hang Son Doong" cave is considered the world’s largest cave which is ever discovered. The photo shows the deep of the passage. In 2009, a joint cave exploration team of the United Kingdom and Vietnam in the Vietnam jungle found an amazing cave; they claimed that the cave may be the largest Cave Passage […]

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Amazing photos of heavy rain

cool unusual amazing photos pictures images heavy rain torrents cats and dogs (1)

Someone captured the spectacular photos of a suddenly heavy tropical rain on a hill; it looked like the rain poured down in torrents from the sky!

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Brave zebra rose in fighting back

amazing breathtaking scene lion prey zebra fight back resistance africa Tanzania (1)

It’s a breathtaking scene at Ngorongoro Pushcha in Tanzania. A hungry lion was leaping out from hiding grass to attack a zebra, when the lion’s intending to subdue the zebra with his sharp teeth, he’s fiercely fought back. The hind of zebra kicked the lion on the chin, finally, the zebra was lucky enough to […]

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From start to finish of a greedy snake swallowing a rat

breathtaking horror amazing cool frightful outbreathing snake swallowing eat mouse rat process course (7)

In general conditions, the snake firstly wreathes itself around the mouse and kills the prey by suffocating it in its coils, then to proceed the breathtaking swallowing process.      

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Strange white insect

strange weird rare odd unusual bizarre white insect creature (5)

Insect is the most popular and prosperous animal in the world, more than 100 million have been found. Although some insects can adapt to surroundings by changing color, it doesn’t seem so. Did you ever see such strange creature?  

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Amazing capacity of camouflage

cool awesome amazing nature animals insects capacity camouflage colors shapes (5)

In order to avoid predators, many animals have amazing capacity of camouflage, such as lizards, geckos, fish and bats and so on. The insects can simulate dead leaves, and the animal’s markings provide effective camouflage as well. They cleverly use the surrounding environment as camouflage with colors or shapes, and are exactly like dry twigs, […]

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Beautiful “Mushroom cloud”


December 25, Mt. Heaven (Tianshan, it’s also known as the Snow Mountain), Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China, there is a "mushroom cloud" in the sky. For the reason of cold air, in the past 3 days, it was low temperature and snowing. After the snow, an unusual beautiful "mushroom cloud" appeared in the sky.

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