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Spectacular northern lights

iceland photographer amazing beautiful wonderful spectacular northern lights aurora photos (2)

November 2010, beautiful & spectacular northern lights taken by an Iceland’s photographer Orvar Thorgiersson, he is a software engineer from Reyjavik. Orvar Thorgiersson has recorded the change of northern lights since 2007, according to a study that the northern lights is expected to be climax of a cycle in 2012, the phenomenon is caused by […]

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Amazing marine organism

amazing beautiful marine organism poached egg like Mediterranean jellyfish

They seem delicious, like a poached egg. But this strange marine organism is more precious than people think. According to the British "Daily Mail" reported that the staff of Basel Zoo in Switzerland successfully bred a number of special jellyfish. According to staff, it’s very hard to breed this Mediterranean jellyfish. Eventually, they precisely imitate […]

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HD Satellite images of Mount Merapi volcano eruption

HD Satellite images of Mount Merapi volcano eruption 5

"Merapi volcano" is located in Indonesia’s Central Java province, about 2968 meters; it’s the most active volcanoes in Indonesia and one of the world’s most active volcanoes. From 1548, has been erupted by spells 68 times. November 5, 2010, Mount Merapi volcano began a large-scale eruption, in addition to heavy casualties, but also caused a […]

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Plague of insects

Plague of insects Locust mosquito beetle swarms (1)

Locust is a kind of destructive insect, often migrating in immense swarms that devour all the vegetation and crops. The photos below include the locust and the mosquito and beetle as well.  

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The world’s largest oarfish

The worlds largest oarfish (5)

I think such big guys will be less and less  

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Glacier National Park of Argentina

Glacier National Park of Argentina photos 5

Argentina’s Glacier National Park covers an area of 600,000 hectares, is one of the world’s major water storage, there are different varieties of 356 glaciers. Among them, the Perito Moreno glacier is one of the few glaciers that human can directly reach and closely view.

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A plague of locusts

A plague of locusts locust swarm (1)

A plague of accidents. Locust is a kind of destructive insect. They came down and eat everything. The locust swarm destroys all the crops and vegetables. The landscape swarmed with locusts. Locusts swarmed over the field.   

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The power of life – tragic and great migration of animals

The power of life tragic and great migration of animals survival of the fittest (14)

Migratory behavior of animals is an adaptation phenomenon, by such activities to meet their specific needs during the life of the environmental conditions which to reliably guarantee the individual’s survival and prosperity of ethnic. So, the process of migration is the process of survival of the fittest.    

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Globally it will need the capacity of two Earths by 2030

Globally it will need the capacity of two Earths by 2030

      Arenal National Park in Costa Rica. A new report has warned that humans are overusing the planet’s resources. Human demands on natural resources have doubled in under 50 years and are nowoutstripping what the Earth can provide by more than half, a new report has warned. And humanity carries on as it is […]

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Men are all the same

Men are all the same liars 7

"Men are all the same, they are liars!". This is an idea common among women all around the world. It is a conviction that wives and girlfriends have long kept. Men are far more likely to tell lies than women, researchers from UK have revealed. The market researcher OnePoll carried out a survey on 3,000 […]

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Animals can also smile!?

cute lovely  pictures of smile laughing animals (1)

It’s said that the smile is unique to humans, but these pictures show that the animals can also smile, LOL… Of course, it’s only our own wishful thinking; we don’t know what they are thinking…  

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