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Amazing photos of Guatemala’s Pacaya volcano eruption

Amazing beautiful photos of Guatemala Pacaya volcano eruption (7)

German media reported on June 10, last month, Central America, Guatemala’s Pacaya volcanic erupted. Although the main road leading to Pacaya volcano had long been closed, but many tourists still risked their lives to watch the magnificent natural landscape in disregard of the warnings of disaster relief organizations. Tourists stood in front of Guatemala’s Pacaya […]

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The homosexual behaviour in the animal world?

homosexual behaviour in the animal world controversy in biology 10

Wildlife studies have put focus to animal homosexuality for quite a long time. A recent research appears to have confirmed that homosexual behaviour in the animal world actually does exist. The conclusion again has caused great controversy in biology.    Professor Paul Harvey, at the University of Oxford, said it is unreasonable and inmature to […]

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Fancy fruit that looks like a white strawberry but tastes like a pineapple

Fancy fruit that looks like a white strawberry but tastes like a pineapple

"White strawberry" that tastes like pineapple to go on sale. A retailer said, a new summertime berry that looks like a white strawberry but tastes like a pineapple goes on sale recently. The "White strawberry" is white and covered in red pips and has the same genetic make-up as the normal strawberry but with a […]

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Rare Stone Museum – funny pictures of weird & rare stones

funny cool strange pictures of 10

There’s a special museum in Japan called the Rare Stone Museum. Let’s look at these funny pictures of  weird stones. cross stone (harmotome, twin-stone or twin stone) Landscape stone. Produced in the United States. Cherry stone. It is a mineral of micatization mica. This box shape naturally, not artificially carved. Pork stone   Turtle stone […]

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Amazing pictures – millions of wildebeests spectacular migration

amazing pictures of spectacular migration8

March 17, 2010, wildlife photographer of Czech Republic, Vaclav Silha photographed rare great wildebeest migration scene at Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. Of millions of wildebeest crossing the MARA RIVER, at the same time, in order to prevent the crocodile and the tiger on the shores, wildebeest group made a huge sound, and rushed to […]

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Amazing pictures of the Naica Crystal Cave – Giant Crystal up to 11 meters

Amazing pictures Naica Crystal Cave largest10

Click the thumbnail to enlarge Mexican Naica Crystal Cave is the world’s largest crystal cave, despite the extremely harsh environment inside the cave, it can’t stop the footsteps of explorers. Explorer and photographer George – Ronnie explored in-depth the Naica Crystal Cave. Naica Crystal Cave is like a high-pressure melting pot filled with lava, it […]

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A flying dragon was found in Indonesia

flying dragon Indonesia

A flying dragon (pterosaur?) was found in Forest protected areas in Indonesia Buton Lambusango, or this mysterious guy is not a new species! just Lizards.

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The white tiger is no match for the cattle

The wild-oriented training _1

The wild-oriented training to enhance the capacity of tiger prey in the wild. Choose white tiger training, because the white tiger existing is all artificial breeding (wild white tiger is extinct) , they have lost their ability to survive in the wild, at present, only more than 200 white tigers, it’s extremely rare, so the […]

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Awesome video makes you want to travel the world

Wonderful beauty of the nature The video is actually a compendium of the BBC series “Planet Earth”. The Angel Falls sequence is taken from the “Earth” DVD, for instance. Soundtrack: Loreena McKennitt – Night Ride Across The Caucasus , and this song in the movie “Soldier” too.

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Why does nature tolerate males?

Why does nature tolerate males

            They produce no offspring of their own, one consequence of which is that populations of plants and animals capable of self-fertilisation, or “selfing”, grow at twice the rate of populations that depend on sexual reproduction. Yet, there must be evolutionary advantage in sex with a partner. Scientists at Oregon university argue in Nature […]

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Albatross is the call of nature – Midway albatrosses bodies stuff with plastic rubbish

Midway albatrosses bodies stuff with plastic rubbish

Nature is subtle and full of power, and she like a mother, waiting for the sons and daughters of mending their ways. Albatross is her call.   Photographer Chris Jordan and his companions arrived at the North Pacific, Midway Island, one known as "the farthest place away from the mainland." Sixty years ago, there has […]

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