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Guinness World Record “The world’s largest boob” may lose her breasts

Guinness record worlds largest boob may lose her breasts (10)

The woman of "World’s No. 1 Man-made Boob" who possession of amazing 38KKK cup may lose her breasts! According to British media reports, since 2002, Houston, Texas woman Sheila Hershey, has received more than 30 breast augmentation surgeries, recently, breast augmentation surgery occurred complications, breasts infected with deadly bacteria, almost died. Hershey was born in […]

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Sexy X-ray calendar

sexy nude models x-ray calendar (6)

A Japan-based manufacturer of display devices published an advertising calendar of medical scanning apparatus, this calendar entirely by X-ray high precision images of sexy nude models. Sexy female models show a variety of "sexy" poses under the X-ray. One can only see "sexy" Skeleton… Some people say that is creative advertising of a German advertising […]

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Some photos of bizarre & odd pet

bizarre odd pet photos (6)

Appreciate these bizarre pet photos, maybe you have the opportunity to take one home.

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Creative shocking house and edifice photos

creative shocking house edifice photos (1)

Amazing house and edifice photos, there’s a visual impact, sense of oppression also.      

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Beauty contest of Bulldog

cute pictures of Beauty contest of Bulldog (1)

Bulldog – Any of a breed of short-haired dog characterized by a large head, strong, square jaws with dewlaps, under hung jaw, undershot, and a stocky body. It was originally bred for bull baiting. Who will crown winner of a "Beautiful Bulldog" contest?

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Super weird motorcycle

Super weird motorcycle funny_cool_bike_ (2)

The major structure of the motorcycle are made of three huge beer barrel, I associate designer with a guy of strong love of beer. Look at the motor driver; be careful not to lose balance!  

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Oh, my Lady Gaga, you never let us down!

extreme funny pictures of lady_gaga_cool pics 1 (1)

Sometimes her attire truly may let you shock, of course, that’s why she is Lady Gaga.

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Creative print ads of Orbit gum

funny commercials orbit_creative_advertisement_1

Funny commercials of Orbit chewing gum, believe your eyes will not see such a disgusting scene.

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The German Leipzig annual Gothic art festival

Amazing pictures of German Leipzig annual Gothic art festival weird costumes

May 21, the German Leipzig annual Gothic art festival. The Gothic-Festival for the Gothic romanticism with Gothic concerts, exhibitions, parties and other events, approximately 2 million people attended the Gothic Festival this year. (Click the thumbnails to view pics in large size)    

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The Philippines roast suckling pig parade

amazing pictures of Philippines roast suckling pig parade

Quezon province, the annual "Festival of lechona roast suckling pig" in the Philippines, the roast suckling pig dressed as human beings in traditional satin costumes of the Philippines to participate in the parade. In this very way the native shows their local most distinctive cuisine. Roast suckling pig is a traditional food of the Philippines, […]

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Extreme funny commercials – creative and cool pics

extreme funny commercials - creative and cool pics

Of course, they are very creative, most of the pictures I can understand, but some of which a bit confused, not knowing what it means. Click the thumbnail to view large size pictures.

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