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Amazing muscle leggings

amazed surprised weird odd bizarre muscle leggings pants trousers (2)

Perhaps only the fans of human anatomy might accept such leggings like this, which are designed by James Lillis and are available at Black Milk Clothing store.   Is wearing such leggings adjudged cheating in the biology/anatomy examinations for medical students?

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Perfectly distorted faces

Eric Sehn competes on the ten metre platform at the Canadian Olympic Diving Trials at the Montreal 1976 Olympic Pool in Montreal.  May 26, 2012.  STEVE RUSSELL/TORONTO STAR

Usually photographers are all keen to record most beautiful moment, photographer Steve Russell has a fancy for shooting distorted faces, however, he thinks that the countenance of divers diving into the water at a speed of 60 km per hour after completion of the process of overturning can be ranked as perfection!

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Incredible tree around the world

weird odd strange incredible bizarre funny interesting amazing surprising trees

From the strange shape of these trees it can be seen that some naturally formed, other trees grown by unusual method.

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"Cappuccino" seashore in Cape Town, South Africa

bizarre unusual rare weird odd strange fun shocking amazing natural phenomenon phenomena foam beach

Always, mysterious nature shocks human in various ways. Recently, people were once again shocked by the nature. At suburb of Cape Town in South Africa, the Sea Point Beach is full of white foam and the sea looks like a large glass of "Cappuccino." It’s reported that the strange bubble is caused by the decay […]

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Funny Miss False Beard

amazing funny interesting fake false beard girls ladies (2)

Recently, the annual Miss False Beard was held in Pennsylvania, USA. The ladies wearing false beard were vividly playing various roles.  

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An amazing cat with two-headed

amazing shocking weird odd bizarre mutation animals cat two head Guinness World Records (3)

An amazing cat in Massachusetts has two mouths, two noses and three eyes on its face. The probability of such mutation is only one in a million. With the good care of the owner, the cat’s vitality is extremely tenacious, and now, it’s celebrating its 12-year-old’s birthday, not only being a TV star, recently but […]

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Amazing people – Only in India

amazing shocking cool wow weird odd bizarre surprising fun people indian pictures only in india (1)

Surprising photos, I’m at a loss what to say… I’m very surprised how he can breathe.  

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Amazing Seychelles’ Lodoicea maldivica

funny interesting odd surprising Lodoicea maldivica double coconut Seychelles photos (5)

Lodoicea maldivica, also known as double coconut, is a unique sort of palm tree 20m – 30m high on Praslin Island in Seychelles. A Lodoicea maldivica is usually about 10 kilograms and the heaviest is up to 30 kilograms. Today, the Praslin Island that has more than 4000 Lodoicea maldivica trees has been designated as […]

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Weird fish with human-like teeth

weird odd bizarre strange shocking surprising horrible amazing fish human like teeth

Don’t know what species of this ugly strange fish, and the weirdest is that it has human-like teeth and seems both horrible and ridiculous, do you what the fish is?

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Weirdest sleeping bags

weird odd strange funny creative cool awesome interesting sleeping bag design (2)

At least one-third the time of one’s life is occupied by sleep, the quality of which determines the quality of a person’s life, in order to have better sleep,  talented designers create a variety of sleeping bags for these sleepy people, as far as the following design works are concerned, however, my personal idea – […]

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Do you dare to put your fingers into these terrible bowling?

weird odd bizarre strange horrible crazy terrible shocking amazing design bowling (2)

Bowling is usually in one or two colors and even the colorful bowling is rare. But some people design a very special group of bowling, who draw shocking pattern on the ball surface. When you picked up the bowling, as if being into bloody mouth, eyes, absolutely terrible! Bold one can have a try…  

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