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Top 10 ugliest dogs in the world

top 10 weird bizarre worlds ugliest dogs in history champion contest competition

Dogs, human’s best friend, are a lovely animal. They are very loyal and never hypocritical; however, after seeing them, some people won’t peacefully sleep tonight, especially those who love dogs. Winner of the ugliest dog contest 2010 Champion of the world’s ugliest dog contest 2009 held in Northern California. 2008 world’s ugliest dog Champion of […]

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The world’s shortest man – Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records worlds shortest man amazing people in world

Junrey Balawing, the man who is about to become "the world’s shortest man." Although he is now 17 years old, his height is as same as a 3-year-old child. Because of this, June 18, after his 18th birthday, with the height of 22 inches (55.88 cm) he will officially become the shortest man in the […]

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“Sexy” sumo wrestler car model

japanese sexy car models sumo wrestlers off-the-wall weird odd bizarre funny sick commercials

Fine car with beauties is definitely the perfect combination, but shortly before the commercials of a Japanese brand vehicles did exactly the opposite, they used some sumo wrestlers as car models. According to the manufacturers, there’re three reasons for choosing sumo wrestlers. First, they wanna re-define the concept of the "sexy" by this advertisement; second, […]

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Weird art – tattoo on pig

weird odd strange off the wall bizarre amazing Belgian artist tattoo on pig skin (1)

February 16, Belgian artist WimDelvoye and his partners were in progress tattoo creation. 46-year-old Belgian artist WimDelvoye set up an Arts farm with his partners in Beijing, China, and tattoo on pig’s skin after the anaesthetic. According to reports, these tattoos can be sold up to 100 million Yuan (about $ 152,207). Next Pages

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The most creative fashion of Lady Gaga

funny weird crazy cool bizarre interesting top most creative fashion style Lady Gaga photos (28)

She is always the pioneer of the times. If there is no Lady Gaga, we can not imagine such a life in this world; with Lady Gaga, we live in fascination. Here photos are the most creative fashion of Lady Gaga. Did she ever let us fall?!   :) Next Pages

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Fishing in Africa

amazing incredible Africa catching fish in muddy water photos marvel pics

The natives fish with wicker basket instead of with spear or net. I marvel how the fishes can live in such muddy water.   I am sure there will never be any fish in this stagnant pond again.

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The world’s best overlooking toilets

funny cool worlds best overlooking Observation toilets scenery travel tour

According to the World Toilet Organization that everyone spends 3 years for toilet in his life. When everybody is struggling in a confined space with foul air, have you ever think about a question that you can face the charming scenery instead of the wall. Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, in fact, this toilet is […]

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Weird rainbow photos

amazing spectacular cool weird beautiful wonderful strange photos rainbow pics

Amateur photographer Mikhail Baevsky in Ukraine, Mikhail Baevsky Mountain shoot amazing photos of rainbow, there appeared a mysterious figure in the middle of the rainbow.  

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