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Amazing aerial photographs taken by Tom Ryaboi

wonderful awesome offbeat unique amazing shocking cool skyscrapers aerial photos shots

Tom Ryaboi, from Toronto in Canada, is known as the photographer of Rooftopping, all of these wonderful photographs he took weren’t with the aid of traditional hot air balloons or any other flight equipments, but sitting on the edge of skyscrapers to shoot. As one of the most famous photographers of Rooftopping, Tom Ryaboi always […]

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Amazing dance girl who performing on an airborne plane’s wing


July 24, 2011, Newcastle in UK, amazing 21-year-old British girl, Charlotte Voce, was in her unique training of "dance on the wing."

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Amazing hairdresser’s tool

amazing funny interesting weird odd unusual offbeat special barber cut hair sickle (10)

In the mountains in Guizhou Province, China, there’s a very special minority – Bia Sha Miao nation. At the wedding, after the celebrating with gunfire, the mountain village’s elder will cut groom’s hair with an important tool in their daily life – sickle. Pretty Tourist Guide   Local Restaurant

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Weird fashion show in 2011-2012 Spring Fashion Week in Sao Paulo

weird odd strange unusual amazing surprising Spring Fashion Week show bound models Brazil (12)

2011-2012 Spring Fashion Week in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the bound models were showing latest fashions designed by Brazil’s designer Samuel Cirnansck at an unusual fashion show. Watching this weird fashion show, it didn’t give people any impression in vogue, but rather the weird looking of models. Although we can not make sense of where the […]

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Fantastic laser ball in Romania

unique offbeat romantic cool fantastic awesome funny laser ball party Romania (2)

May 14, Romania, in the forest 50 kilometers north of Bucharest, young people were taking part in the romantic and mysterious laser ball.  

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Amazing girls taking weird pictures of falling flat on their face

weird odd funny photos girls falling flat lying on ground face downward pics (5)

Japanese girl shooting a series of "floating" pictures is popular online, China’s Taiwan, two prankish girls have also emerged, they take odd photos of lying on the ground face downward at tourist attractions of Taichung and Taipei, which attract tens of thousands people visit their Facebook pages in a few days, and cyber-friends through different […]

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Unusual feast at a height of 50 metres – Dinner in the sky

amazing unusual weird funny offbeat cool Dinner in the sky air

"Dinner in the sky" originated in Belgium, the platform is hung at a height of 50 metres by a 120-ton giant crane and customers can enjoy an unusual feast in the air. The dinner table is 9 meters long, 5 meters wide and weighs 6 tons, which fixed to the platform of metal frame. The […]

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Impressive Human Pattern Design

impressive cool amazing great human patterns special visual effect photography (1)

German artist/photographer Claudia Rogge, he’s obsessed with Human Pattern design, perhaps you like the pattern is similar to the kind of usual floral or wallpaper patterns, but he loves to create patterns by using a large number of models. I wondered whether his works were edited by image processing software.       Next Pages

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Male or female? That is a question

amazing people androgynous look male famous fashion model Andrej Pejic (1)

Andrej Pejič (Andrej Pejic), 20 years old Austral male fashion model. Born in Tuyla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. When he was on the first performance modeling for Jean Paul Gaultier spring/summer 2011 show, he encountered many questions on his gender, then he modeled for John Galliano, Paul Smith and Raf Simons and has been famous for […]

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“Sexy” sumo wrestler car model

japanese sexy car models sumo wrestlers off-the-wall weird odd bizarre funny sick commercials

Fine car with beauties is definitely the perfect combination, but shortly before the commercials of a Japanese brand vehicles did exactly the opposite, they used some sumo wrestlers as car models. According to the manufacturers, there’re three reasons for choosing sumo wrestlers. First, they wanna re-define the concept of the "sexy" by this advertisement; second, […]

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Weird art – tattoo on pig

weird odd strange off the wall bizarre amazing Belgian artist tattoo on pig skin (1)

February 16, Belgian artist WimDelvoye and his partners were in progress tattoo creation. 46-year-old Belgian artist WimDelvoye set up an Arts farm with his partners in Beijing, China, and tattoo on pig’s skin after the anaesthetic. According to reports, these tattoos can be sold up to 100 million Yuan (about $ 152,207). Next Pages

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