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Amazing Paper Fashion

funny green environmental creative design paper fashion clothes dress (5)

February 15, Colombia, Bogota International Fashion Week, a model was showing the clothes made of paper which were produced by Colombia’s designer. Others: The clothes designed by Polish fashion designers with recycled paper. China

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The world’s best overlooking toilets

funny cool worlds best overlooking Observation toilets scenery travel tour

According to the World Toilet Organization that everyone spends 3 years for toilet in his life. When everybody is struggling in a confined space with foul air, have you ever think about a question that you can face the charming scenery instead of the wall. Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, in fact, this toilet is […]

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Amazing dancer

amazing cool funny offbeat passion interesting enthusiasm great dancers (2)

Great dancers can show their personality anywhere and at any time, do you wanna be a dancer?  :)     

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Work of art – Tartar

amazing shocking cool awesome weird bizarre creative china art work tartar Nail household (4)

January 24, Beijing, China, the artist Zhang Chaohui was adjusting his work "Tartar" (The "Tartar" means people or household who refuses to move and bargains for unreasonably). By using 100,000 nails Zhang Chaohui spent 3 months to produce this work of art, the whole "Tartar" consist of a male graphics and a female graphics, forming […]

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World’s coolest weird Buildings

Worlds coolest weird oddity bizarre offbeat creative funny Buildings construction

Beetham Tower (Manchester, UK) The materials of Beetham Tower are Glass and steel, which is the highest construction in Manchester. Fuyuhito (Tokyo, Japan) Japan is smaller than California, but population is equivalent to 40% of the U.S. The house in the photo is only 30 square meters, however, the owner try to make a multi-storey […]

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Amazing design – The most distinctive wedding ring

amazing cool awesome design most distinctive unique beautiful wedding ring (5)

American popular columnist Erma Bombeck once said: My wedding ring in my life plays an important role: When we quarreled, it led me to remain calm; When my husband tarried long at the banquet, it reminded him to go home early; When our marriage was in the doldrums, it is a source of confidence. Of […]

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Weird & Odd Tokyo Designboom Mart 2010

Weird bizarre strange crazy Odd Tokyo Designboom Mart 2010

The art mart is an annual convention held in Tokyo, 5,500 various kinds artists around the world gathered together to show their own ‘masterpiece’ and ‘high-spirited’ performances. From 1994, this two-day mart is held twice a year (May and November) in Tokyo, Japan, with the purpose of providing a chance for designers around the world. […]

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Weird, Amazing And Funny News In Past 2010

Love seats Copenhagen bus vehicles people friend lover.

Let’s review some amazing, weird, funny news in past 2010 Love seats- A Copenhagen bus company has put "love seats" on 103 of its vehicles for people can gain an instant friend or even lover. "Even love at first sight is possible on the bus," said a spokesman for the British owned Arriva company to […]

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Amazing moments

amazing cool funny crazy shocking weird offbeat interesting photos photoshop (2)

Photo gallery of amazing moments, I’m just curious how about these photographers or the persons concerned. :) Of course, some of the photos are obviously edited by photo editing software like Photoshop.   More pictures

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Amazing painting with human

creative amazing painting the human body realistic

This is just an art of painting the human body, so the human body can smoothly integrate into the picture behind; it’s more realistic as a whole.

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Unexpected humorous creativity

amazing funny cool weird wierd awesome interesting unexpected humorous creativity pictures

Every picture has unexpected humorous creativity, they have their own interesting story, perhaps every visitor may have unique personal viewpoint, I believe you also have distinct understanding of it from all others!    

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