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What does it look when balloon filled with water instantly pops?


British photographer Edward Horsford captured the popping moments of balloon filled with water by high-speed photography. Photographer Edward Horsford tested more than 50 times in darkness, using 1 / 40000 shutter speed, the popping sound triggered the flash lamp and exposure, eventually shot these amazing photos.  

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The most fashionable this fall

The most fashion this fall leaf glue

The color of autumn is very rich and very beautiful, so why not try to wear them on? These humorous T-shirts will constantly remind you that humans are part of nature; they certainly make your friends smile. What you need is glue and leaves.

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Terror but delicious Halloween feast

Terror  delicious weird odd strange cool crazy bizarre offbeat creative  Halloween feast (5)

Hallowmas is a Christian feast day honoring all the saints; first observed in 835. People celebrate Halloween in many ways. A grotesque or comical representation of a face, worn especially to frighten or amuse, as at Halloween. The jack-o-lantern is the symbol of Halloween. There are some days until Halloween, but it does not affect […]

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Sleeping on a rope

amazing cool funny interesting sleeping on a rope (1)

Train station in Hangzhou, China. 38-year-old Fu Hong is from Guizhou Province, who came to Hangzhou in June this year, after arriving at the city he became a porter. Fu Hong let go of his arms, laid-back may seem to sleep in a big bed, and he can naturally turn over and shake. "Because it […]

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2010 The World Sand Sculpture Championships

2010 Washington DC World Sand Sculpture Championships amazing creative cool

Sand sculpture originated in the United States, developed into a modern art in the 80s of the 20th century. In the early 20th century Florida and California held a variety of coastal sand sculpture competitions and activities, artists learn many skills and experience and to develop it into a giant sculpture. October 2, 2010, Washington […]

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World Testicle Cooking Championship – Dare you eat?!

In Serbia, the 7th "World Testicle Cooking Championship", participating chefs show their cuisine talents by using cattle, swine, camels and kangaroos and other animals’ testicles, including testis pizza, testis stew, vanilla white sauce testis and so on. The cooking material is the animals’ testicle and it is known as "white kidneys" by local people, testicles […]

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World’s weirdest and second most unhygienic tourist attraction

gum house Worlds weirdest and second most unhygienic tourist attraction 2

The house may be the world’s weirdest and second most unhygienic tourist attraction containing about one million pieces of chewed gum. Sits in Seattle City, United States of America, the house is covered from floor to ceiling in countless colorful gum. Although workers twice scraped the wall clean in the past time but eventually had […]

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Thailand’s creative toilet for tourist

funny signs Thailand creative toilet for tourist

A Thailand’s public convenience for tourist, funny signs, but, with much regret, for the reason of gender, there are no photos of female toilet. :)  

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What animals can be vehicle except horse

funny amazing old photos driving_animals_vehicle (6)

In the days before automobiles everyone used horses, before the railway came up into being, a four-horse coach was a popular means of transportation, however, what animals can be vehicle except horse…the following old photos will tell you what can be ridden.  

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Sweet gun

original cool funny pictures of ice cream freeze gun 3

No need to be shocking, they’re not in suicide, ‘guns’ in their hands are designed by two German artists Valentin Beinroth and Florian Jenett, the main raw material is water, just a ice cream pistol, of course, which added some color cream or something. Awesome and funny.  

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The coffin of African

extreme funny creative coffin of African (2)

Even death is so creative, death is not terrible, it can be humorous.  

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