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Paper is evil

Paper is evil taxes online in minutes

  This is an advertising of Canada’s tax website – QuickTax, paper folding evil makes all kinds of wicked and freaking funny things to interpret handy online taxes: Paper is evil. Do your taxes online in minutes!  

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Surrealistic Robot Beauty

creative_pictures_surrealistic robot beauty digital artworks

High-tech, machinery and beauty – three elements combined into one, and now,  please enjoy surrealistic digital artworks from Benedict Campbell. (Click the thumbnails to view large size pictures)         

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Dazzling & glamorous body painting

cool amazing Dazzling glamorous body painting art (2)

July 16 – July 18, 2010, Carinthia in southern Austria, Seeboden, models show body painting works. Dazzling glamorous body painting make this summer even hotter.   

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Creepy “hand”

creepy soap hand design 4

Hanging in the bathroom ceiling, it is estimated that is not a good idea,somebody will be scared in the night, do you know what’s this? A bar of soap!  

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Creative graphic design of ABC

Creative graphic design of ABC Digital 3

Creative graphic design of ABC Digital, although this type of concept has been cloned numerous times, but the effect is undeniably quite good.

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Sexy X-ray calendar

sexy nude models x-ray calendar (6)

A Japan-based manufacturer of display devices published an advertising calendar of medical scanning apparatus, this calendar entirely by X-ray high precision images of sexy nude models. Sexy female models show a variety of "sexy" poses under the X-ray. One can only see "sexy" Skeleton… Some people say that is creative advertising of a German advertising […]

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Hello Kitty Of Lady Gaga

lady_gaga_in_hello_kitty-barbie (2)

Lady gaga for hello kitty 35th anniversary Lady Gaga is used to wearing outrageous and other-worldly outfits whether she’s performing on stage or walking the red carpet, but when she’s asked to pose in a 50-pound crystal dress for a Hello Kitty-inspired photo shoot she finds out there are bigger divas out there than she […]

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Some photos of bizarre & odd pet

bizarre odd pet photos (6)

Appreciate these bizarre pet photos, maybe you have the opportunity to take one home.

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Creative print funny commercials of insect repeller product

Creative print funny commercials of insect repeller product 2

Creative print ads of insect repeller(anti-mosquito) product, do you know why the wild mosquito always wanders around you? Because you are not their natural enemy, so, letinsect repeller product change your appearance in mosquito’s eyes.

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Extreme funny crazy overloading pictures

Extreme funny crazy overloading pictures (25)

"Hey, sir, you overload, rated 3 persons of the small PICK-UP car you installed 50 people plus a pig," of course, with the following overloading picture, this is trivial, take a look at these ridiculous pictures of overloading.  

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World’s first zero star hotel

worlds first zero star hotel Swiss Null Stern (12)

Sevelen, Swiss, Null Stern Hotel, recently this underground hotel also had a new title, world’s first zero star hotel, the hotel was rebuilt from a underground nuclear bunker which does not have television, bathroom, also does not have Diurnal variation, price is 6-18 euros every night. Recently Null Stern Hotel has welcomed its first group […]

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