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Oh, my Lady Gaga, you never let us down!

extreme funny pictures of lady_gaga_cool pics 1 (1)

Sometimes her attire truly may let you shock, of course, that’s why she is Lady Gaga.

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Creative print ads of Orbit gum

funny commercials orbit_creative_advertisement_1

Funny commercials of Orbit chewing gum, believe your eyes will not see such a disgusting scene.

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Swimming with crocodile

Swimming with crocodile 2

Offshore in Cuba, 31-year-old diver SilaEr Gonzales risked their lives close to the most deadly animals in nature – a 11 feet (3.35 meters) long and weighing 1,000 pounds (453.59 kilograms) crocodile, swim with it as long as 2 hours. Photographer: David Dubilaite  

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Interesting photos of well-known tourist attractions

super funny photos of Well-known attractions (13)

Some funny photos of tourist attractions around the world, e.g. Paris, Pyramids, Egypt, London, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Netherlands…  

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Amazing crazy photos of wedding

Amazing crazy pictures of wedding_extreme funny unique 48

These crazy guys how to make wedding become so unique and funny. (Click the thumbnails to view large size pictures)  

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“Delicious” chocolate design cellphone

Amazing pictures of creative chocolate design cellphone

STYLE Series, a branch company of Japanese mobile operator NTT Docomo, released a Chocolate design phone, not only color looks exactly like chocolate, the interface UI design also contains a lot of elements of chocolate, mobile phone chain, and other accessories are also extended unified style. (Right click, open link in new tab to  view […]

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The German Leipzig annual Gothic art festival

Amazing pictures of German Leipzig annual Gothic art festival weird costumes

May 21, the German Leipzig annual Gothic art festival. The Gothic-Festival for the Gothic romanticism with Gothic concerts, exhibitions, parties and other events, approximately 2 million people attended the Gothic Festival this year. (Click the thumbnails to view pics in large size)    

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Extreme funny commercials – creative and cool pics

extreme funny commercials - creative and cool pics

Of course, they are very creative, most of the pictures I can understand, but some of which a bit confused, not knowing what it means. Click the thumbnail to view large size pictures.

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Humourous visual effects

funny pictures of Humourous visual effects In photography

In photography, through the image dislocation with foreground and background, we are often able to produce unexpected visual effects. (Click the thumbnail to view pictures in large size)  

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Amazing pictures of Clone Art

The collection of Clone Art pictures. The special effects are great! I’m not computer graphic expert, but these special effects are impressive by any standards.

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The make-up players of London Marathon

London Marathon was born in 1981, was inspired by the New York Marathon, it holds in late April each year. 20th century, late 80’s, the London Marathon race organizers added a make-up team in the competition. Click the small thumbnails to view large size images.

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