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photographs of the bizarre creature – Montauk Monster

photographs of the bizarre creature montauk Monster

A mysterious photograph has become the subject of wild internet speculation after a group of teenagers claimed it was a terrifying creature that they beat to death while playing near a cave in Panama. The images were posted on the web – and instantly drew comparisons with the ‘Montauk Monster’, a still-unidentified creature that washed […]

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The oddest services around the world

2 Japanese macaques were employed

2 Japanese macaques were employed by a Japanese Utsunomiya’s dining room Kayabuki. One was 12 the 12-year-old Fuku, and the other was the 4-year-old Yat. These two monkeys work every day for 2 hours (Japanese animal rights and interests rule stipulation). They are putting on the the specially-made uniform, delivering the hot towel or the […]

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Nine alien planet like places in the world

the Dry Valleys of Antarctica4

1, the Dry Valleys of Antarctica Antarctica’s Dry Valleys in Victoria Land west of McMurdo, their barren gravel scattered on the ground, is considered the most similar place on Earth where the alien Planet. Its charming scenery, located in Victoria Land to the west of McMurdo Sound, where almost no snow, but except for a […]

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