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Do you make sense of what the pandas are doing?

extreme very super funny cute lovely interesting clumsy amusing panda mate

They wanna make a baby panda! :) The breeding ability of panda in the animal kingdom is notoriously poor, more than 90% pandas don’t know what’s the "mating." These pictures show the rare process when two clumsy pandas were mating.

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The Loneliest Panda in The History

The Loneliest Panda in The History 1

A lonely panda in a lonely tree He said: I’m not watching the sky, but the loneliness! Panda really understands loneliness? In fact, hunman is real lonely. There’re some photos of  "lonely" panda ^_^  

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Chinese Giant Panda baby


As of August 10, 2009, the Chinese Giant Panda Research Center, has given birth to 8 this year, 10 young children, together with the two overseas-born baby, Research Center has 12 baby pandas this year, the peak of breeding will be in 2009, research center has broken through the scheduled birth plan.

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