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Amazing 3D origami art

cool amazing 3d origami paper sculptures art (5)

These beautiful three-dimensional paper sculptures were created by Japanese artist Jun Mitani, each of which was firstly designed on computer and then folded out of a single uncut sheet of paper. Jun Mitani isn’t only an origami artist, but also a computer teacher at the University of Tsukuba. Source

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Amazing 3D paper art

awesome cool beautiful incredible paper art works sculptures (5)

These amazing 3D paper sculptures were created by Calvin Nicholls, a paper artist in Canada, who has begun making paper sculptures in personal studio north of Toronto since the mid 1980′s. Source

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Animated paper folding art

animated awesome amazing cool paper folding origami sculptures art (7)

Amazing origami sculptures look like vividly animals and fictional characters created by talented artist Shuki Kato, Kamiya Satoshi, robert Lang and John Montroll. Next Pages

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Paper folding art – Paper animals

cool funny interesting awesome origami paper folding art sculptures (10)

These vivid paper sculptures of animals are created by Swiss artist Sipho Mabona in Switzerland. Most of the paper folding sculptures were designed and folded by Sipho Mabona from a single uncut paper square, whose beautiful creations show that the origami artist must be a person who loves the nature.

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Cool art of paper folding created by artist Peter Callesen

fun interesting awesome great amazing stuff cool paper folding origami (1)

Danish artist Peter Callesen turns the sheets of white A4 paper into three-dimensional artworks of origami. The cut in the paper acts as a part of the story expressed by each one. Next Page

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Paper art with representation of human anatomy

amazed creative weird surprising odd strange bizarre crazy shocking paper art work (3)

Lisa Nilsson, American artist, was born in 1963. In this series of paper art of human anatomy, Lisa used traditional Japanese mulberry paper and gilt edge of some books to create these artworks, each of which starts with a small paper roll, and ultimately has to take several weeks to finish, the wooden box for […]

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Excellent paper art


Jo Lynn Alcorn, American artist, graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, focusing on paper art, now lives in New York, her artwork has a strong three-dimensional sense and artistic tension, can instantly attract people’s attention and vary with different themes. Next Page

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Exquisite paper-cutting works of the city maps

amazing cool awesome creative exquisite handicraft paper cutting works city maps design

Designer Karen O’Leary demonstrated his exquisite handicraft – paper-cutting works of the city maps. This kind of work requires not only superb skills, but also needs patience. Works as such, deserve admiration. Karen O’Leary will sell these maps, the price from twenty dollars to a thousand dollars. More pictures

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