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Spectacular pilgrimage to Mecca

grand amazing great Spectacular pilgrimage to Mecca (30)

Very year millions of Muslims have made pilgrimages to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, where is Islam’s most sacred shrine. A pilgrimage to the holy land Mecca is made as an objective of the religious life of a Moslem. In the perspective of cultural anthropology, the pilgrimage is a typical "transitional protocol" of every Muslim in […]

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Sikh colorful scarf

cool pictures of Sikh colorful scarf 7

Because they don’t have their hair cut for life, adult Sikh men’s hair is generally surrounded by a turbine-type bulk packages of cloth. This is the biggest I’ve ever seen They dress unique, great scarf, keep the beard, wear a sword, tall and sturdy, look very powerful. It is reported that their hear is nearly […]

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Weird ugly people pictures 3-12-09

a weird ugly people t5 18 These people exist  Part V (27 photos)

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Collection of weird ugly people pictures

a these ugly people exist 2 A collection of weird people that will make you feel extra normal  Part 2 (20 photos)
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