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Face the strong winds

extreme funny interesting amazing amusing winds blowing face photo pictures (1)

Lithuanian photographer Tadao Cern this year shot a group of extraordinary photographs, he captured the moments when his friends invited as models were blown by strong winds, and the effect of these photos are indeed impressive. Next Pages

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Amazing visual effect of paints in the water – Aqueous Fluoreau

Aqueous Fluoreau

New impressive images created by British photographer Mark Mawson, which is named Aqueous Fluoreau and is the extension of his earlier work of art – Aqueous. During shooting, in addition to paints and water, he also uses own secretive photography to work.

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Amazing photo of the moment when candle goes out

amazing cool wonderful awesome great amazed photos candle

Photographer used Fuji S8100fd camera & Raynox M-250 lens to capture photo of the moment when candle snuffs out. We all know that candle goes out, there will be white smoke, observing the photo carefully, which is composed of countless tiny particles.

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Amazing photos of insects in the rain

amazing fun interesting impressive cool awesome surprised photography insect pictures (1)

The insects covered by the raindrops, as if wearing pearl jewelry, really beautiful and fantastic. Via

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Amazing photos of insects

amazed unusual amazing cool awesome great wonderful photos insects pictures (1)

Amateur photographer Nicolas Reusens has taken over 100 photos in the past three years, of which not the cute animals, but the amazing and little-known true features of various insects around the world. Via

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Unique view of kissing

fun interesting different unique creative inspiration art photography beautiful kiss

Artist’s work is often the creation of beautiful or significant things abstracted from the ordinary and is expressed in a unique view. Photographer Andy Barter’s "Kiss" series of photographs is truely the expression of that. Kissing itself isn’t an uncommon theme, but can be expressed in this way by Barter from this angle is rare. […]

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Shocking ‘Real-life’ of Barbie dolls

weird funny amazing odd bizarre strange unusual Barbie doll girls photography

Mariel Clayton, American photographer, focused on the scenery photography of doll, with Barbie girl as protagonist to shoot various scenes for imitating famous paintings, crime scenes, etc. In Mariel Clayton’s website he says he can hardly explain such ideas and don’t know where these ideas come from. He firstly engaged in travel photography, but occasionally […]

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Incredible moments of quite uncommon

awesome unbelievable great cool fun rare unusual moments amazing photos pictures (6)

Few of us could see these amazing photos, which don’t look like being edited by Photoshop. Thanks for those professional photographers.    

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International natures’s best photography 2010

amazing great excellent perfect pictures international natures best photography 2010 (3)

Fantastic photos taken by the winners of international natures’s best photography 2010. They’re very lucky to capture these impressive moments, I believe, of course, that the precondition of success is their professional abilities and hard works.     Next Pages

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Top ten of 2011′s Best Night-Sky photos

most amazing stunning beautiful nice incredible marvellous grandeur best night sky photos pics

Top ten of most stunning and beautiful photos of Best Night-Sky Pictures 2011, this International competition was held by The World at Night (TWAN) and Global Astronomy Month. Have to marvel at the beauty of grand nature and admire those professional photographers.  

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Shocking moments of great white shark

spectacular cool amazing shocking fatal great white shark fly hunting prey pictures (8)

Have you ever seen a great white shark flying in the sky? This is a monstrous great white shark of 20 feet length, photographer captured the impressive moments of hunting prey that it leaped out of the water and snapped a seal.     Next Pages

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