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World’s smallest chameleon

surprising rare amazing worlds smallest chameleon reptile

Munich, Germany, scientists recently discovered the world’s smallest chameleon, but also one of the world’s smallest reptile. This mini-chameleon only 3 cm long, and can even stand on the head of the match.

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Amazed giant pythons in the world

amazing shocking crazy unbelievable worlds biggest largest huge giant pythons snakes (10)

What makes humans so fascinated by the giant pythons? We are very curious about giant pythons, but sometimes we are shocked by their great size as well. Be prepared to take a look at world’s largest snakes. Next Pages

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Rare giant insects

amazing incredible weird odd bizarre rare shocking big giant large huge insects (9)

Are you interested in keeping one of them as own unique pet?  

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Weird creatures with human face figure around the world

Weird odd strange bizarre amazing rare surprising animals insect creature resemble human face figure pattern (9)

Japan’s Toba Aquarium, a crab (right) with the figure of human face like is lying beside its shedding shell. This strange crab was caught by a 8-year-old boy at seaside and was sent to the aquarium. Insects     Aquatic organism Alien alike :)

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Amazing photos – Frog swallowing fish

surprising startling amazing rare unusual frog eat swallow fish pictures

In general, frogs feed on insects, but some sorts of large frogs can prey on fish, rodents and even birds. These amazing photos of frog swallowing fish are indeed rare.

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Frightening ‘Devil Bat’

fearful amazing horrible weird bizarre rare devil evil blood vampire bat

Unlike most other bats, is it a variety of carnivorous bat or a new species?

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Amazing Seychelles’ Lodoicea maldivica

funny interesting odd surprising Lodoicea maldivica double coconut Seychelles photos (5)

Lodoicea maldivica, also known as double coconut, is a unique sort of palm tree 20m – 30m high on Praslin Island in Seychelles. A Lodoicea maldivica is usually about 10 kilograms and the heaviest is up to 30 kilograms. Today, the Praslin Island that has more than 4000 Lodoicea maldivica trees has been designated as […]

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Do you make sense of what the pandas are doing?

extreme very super funny cute lovely interesting clumsy amusing panda mate

They wanna make a baby panda! :) The breeding ability of panda in the animal kingdom is notoriously poor, more than 90% pandas don’t know what’s the "mating." These pictures show the rare process when two clumsy pandas were mating.

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Weird "Desert Circles" in China

spectacular mysterious strange odd weird bizarre huge big China desert circles wonder

Speaking of strange circles, the first that comes to mind is various strange ‘Crop Circles’. Allegedly, ‘Crop Circles’ as a means of communication between alien civilization and the Earth, which has a long history of mystery and also has a lot of alien enthusiasts following and researching. Recently, at Delingha region in China’s Qinghai Province, […]

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Amazing exhibition of deformed animals

amazing weird odd bizarre rare strange surprising deformed exhibition stuffed animals specimens

July 19, 2011, the deformed animal exhibition was held in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, which including some animal specimens.  

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Travel to the ends of the world – Black beaches in Iceland

weird odd strange surprising rare unusual mysterious exotic iceland black sand beach exoplanet (10)

In the southernmost point of the Iceland, near a small town named Vik, there’s a mysterious black sand beaches, often film crews here find view to shoot for sci-fi themes movies. The "sand" of Iceland’s black beaches is actually granular volcanic lava free of mud, dust or other impurities. Next Pages

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