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A unicorn milk cow

Unicorns like milk cow grow horn

Unicorns are legendary beasts and nonexistent, but at a village of Baoding City of Hebei Province, China, there is a cow grew a 20 cm long horn on top of its head, and it soon become a local star. Local villagers believe that this is a good omen. Another cow like a unicorn.

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Amazing marine organism

amazing beautiful marine organism poached egg like Mediterranean jellyfish

They seem delicious, like a poached egg. But this strange marine organism is more precious than people think. According to the British "Daily Mail" reported that the staff of Basel Zoo in Switzerland successfully bred a number of special jellyfish. According to staff, it’s very hard to breed this Mediterranean jellyfish. Eventually, they precisely imitate […]

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World records biggest halibut

German angler Iceland giant biggest halibut record

According to British media reported, a 70-year-old German angler at fjords of western Iceland captured a giant halibut weighing about 215 kg. Gunther Hancell struggled with this big fish for two hours; with the help of five men he dragged it on the boat. It was reported that this "monster" weighed 480 pounds, 8 feet […]

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The world’s largest oarfish

The worlds largest oarfish (5)

I think such big guys will be less and less  

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22 degrees halo – ice rainbow

amazing photos 22 degrees halo ice rainbow optical phenomenon

Photographer Reyaz Limalia took photos of an optical phenomenon known as "ice rainbow" near Birdlip, UK and took photos of the amazing moment. Weather officials call the optical phenomenon a "22 degrees halo" because of its circular formation of 22 degrees around the sun. Reyaz Limalia is one of a few ones to have captured […]

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A food firm fined after a dead mouse found in bread

bread food production company Premier Foods nauseating dead mouse

A food production company was ordered to pay nearly £17,000 after a poor man found a dead mouse in a loaf of bread as he made sandwiches for his children. Stephen Forse, of Kidlington, Oxfordshire, he purchased the loaf online, through a Tesco branch in Bicester in January 2009. He had already used some slices […]

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Guinness World Record – Giant king cake

funny odd cool Guinness World Record Giant king cake

September 22, a giant king cake with the length of 1615 meters was produced in New Orleans, US, which had been recognized by the Guinness World Record.

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UFO sightings were reported at HongKong during intense storms

UFO sightings were reported at HongKong during the fierce storm 3

   According to Radio Television Hong Kong, the Observatory received so many phone calls from citizens just while in the first hour after midnight on Thurs night claiming to see UFOs while in the fierce storm near Tai Lam Tunnel, Wanchai and Happy Velley districts of the City. The Observatory of Hong Kong captured 13,102 […]

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Online anger-release store

anger-release store

Online anger-release "stores" have turn out to be extremely common with youthful netizens, as store managers are compensated to listen to complaints, confidential secrets and even scoldings from customers. "I was inspired by my female close friends who like to confide their troubles about family, study and work. I prefer to telephone call my shop […]

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Animals can also smile!?

cute lovely  pictures of smile laughing animals (1)

It’s said that the smile is unique to humans, but these pictures show that the animals can also smile, LOL… Of course, it’s only our own wishful thinking; we don’t know what they are thinking…  

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Top 13 ugliest animals around the world

worlds ugliest animals drop fish Psychrolutes marcidus

The scientific name of drop-fish is Psychrolutes marcidus, mainly living in deep water along the coast of Australia and Tasmania which are rarely found by humans.   The appearance of warthog is very much like a synthesis of toad, pig, and rhinoceros. Living on the African savannah, the warthog is not dangerous to humans, its […]

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