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Some photos of bizarre & odd pet

bizarre odd pet photos (6)

Appreciate these bizarre pet photos, maybe you have the opportunity to take one home.

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The most powerful antique revolver: 3 tubes 18 bullets

The most powerful antique revolver 3 tubes 18 bullets

Made in Belgium, each shooting with three bullets. In my opinion, it is more inspired than practicable, but is still very creative.      

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The only game of sticking with the model caddy

Spain Madrid Tennis Masters beautiful models caddy 4

Spain Madrid Tennis Masters, the most attractive probably not the sweating masters struggle in the game, the real attraction is still the beautiful models caddy sidelines. As the only tennis tournament of sticking with the beautiful model caddy, every year of Madrid Masters, many fans come to watch the battle together, last year, selection of […]

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Her face is terrible, but the girl is poor even more

terrible Fibrous dysplasia frightful face

Fibrous dysplasia is a disease that causes bone thinning and growths or lesions in one or more bones, and leads to bone weakness and scar formation within the bones. Worldwide, the known "fibrous dysplasia" about 150,000 cases, but only 3% of patients are so serious. It’s very rare, not much is known about it, and […]

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Rare Stone Museum – funny pictures of weird & rare stones

funny cool strange pictures of 10

There’s a special museum in Japan called the Rare Stone Museum. Let’s look at these funny pictures of  weird stones. cross stone (harmotome, twin-stone or twin stone) Landscape stone. Produced in the United States. Cherry stone. It is a mineral of micatization mica. This box shape naturally, not artificially carved. Pork stone   Turtle stone […]

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World’s longest hair

amazing pictures of worlds longest hair 1

79-year-old Vietnamese Wenhai Chen died on February 24. He was known to the world because he has a long hair up to 6.8 meters, is the world Number 1. 50 years, he had no hair cut, according to his wife, from the age of 20, he will be sick every time as long as haircut. […]

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Pictures of funny and weird plants’ flower

Pictures funny weird plants flower 19

Udumbara flowers According to Buddhist legend, this flower blossoms once every 3,000 years.     The longest cucumber 1.18 meter Mini water melon Only 3cm length Skull flower The corpse flower   Others

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