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Bicycle seat with realistic mouth and teeth

scary-horrible-fearful-bicycle-bike-seat-design (1)

This scary bicycle seat called “Bite It” was designed by Clem Chen, and the materials used were plastic, acrylic, spray paint and epoxy.   Source  

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Scary optical illusion paintings on human bodies

scary horrible bodyart optical illusion paintings (5)

Horrible body art of optical illusion paintings made by Japanese artist Chooo-San that eyes, mouths, zippers, plugs and frightening faces were painted on human bodies. Source

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Amazed newspaper sculptures – Creepy but still creative

freaking weird odd strange scary creepy bizarre paper sculptures (14)

These sculptures look a little weird are created out of recycled newspapers, magazines, and books by Nick Georgiou, of which some look scary, creepy but still creative! Next Pages

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The horrible army of caterpillars – Warning – creepy pictures

terrible horrible sick amazing crazy uncomfortable scary creepy fearful awful caterpillars

It’s uncomfortable when seeing a caterpillar, let alone the army of tens of thousands of caterpillars, such sort of feelings can only be seen in horror film turn my blood cold. Next Page

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Shocking crocodile courses

amazing freaking scary shocking crazy crocodile alligator dishes courses

I believe you know the bags, shoes, and so on which are made from alligator skin, but did you ever eat crocodile dishes? The processing looks a bit scary… Dare you have a try at this cuisine? Next Pages

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Creative Ghost Light

funny cool weird odd interesting creative design ghost light fear (3)

In order to deal with thieves, Australian designer Manfred Kielnhofer designed a "ghost light”, just standing in front of your window silently to protect your dreams. Although some people may feel little fear, but it’s worth if it can work properly  :)  Take care not to petrify yourself.

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Stunt positions of contortionist

amazing excellent acrobatic performance Stunt positions of contortionist (5)

The contortionists able to twist into unusual stunt positions. let’s appreciate the excellent acrobatic performance. A bit scary, ordinary people must be dead to be so!

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The world’s creepiest robot?

worlds creepiest robot Telenoid R1 Japanese inventor

  Is this the world’s creepiest robot? Japanese inventor develops the bald, legless Telenoid R1. Its pale torso is about the size of a small child, it has no legs and just stumps for arms.      Hiroshi Ishiguro with his latest invention, the Telenoid R1, which he says can transmit the presence of a […]

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A really shocking scary computer box

amazing cool unique scary computer box design 1

Interior cool lights and colorful hose, taken as a whole, it looks like the tendons of human body through the computer; also, there’s a creepy sensation. Although I do not know which specification computer can fit this unique box, but I admire the designer of this box, he conquered the fears of ordinary people, I […]

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